Differences Between PS4 And Xbox One Aren't Really Noticeable For Us - Developer

Snowcastle's Game Director Bendik Stang on the differences between the consoles.

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qwerty6761185d ago

also same for anyone else whos not a fanboy.

DarkOcelet1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

The game isnt exactly groundbreaking, the art style looks great but it doesnt scream current gen so it will be easy to achieve 1080\60 fps if they want on both consoles.

DAI have slight difference in textures, tessellation, Resolution between the two.

It can be noticeable in some games like GTAV clearly.

There is a difference between PS4\Xone. People need to accept that. The thing that will make the gamer choose between both are the exclusives.

Army_of_Darkness1185d ago

The only developer's I take their word for are the ones that actually push each console to its limit. Then and only then they(as well as we) will see an actual difference in power.
With that being said, The order. Wow.

vishmarx1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

it really depends on the game and instance.
i dont feel bad when i play something at 900p , but to say i dont feel the difference when its bumped up to 1080p would be a lie.i do see the difference in grass in gtav and i do see the change in sharpness when i switch from acu to dragon age on ps4
and then there are games like the order or driveclub.
i havent seen games look that good on pc let alone on im not saying pc is weaker,im just saying the order looks jaw dropping and nothing on the xbox even comes close in my eye.
so until the xbox does something that looks just as goodlooking as theyre not the same

DarkOcelet1185d ago

Kojima will most definitely push the hardware to the max with MGSV.
No Parity , NO BS

1185d ago
Sm00thNinja1185d ago

Yes! Because your word trumps several recent developers who've stated otherwise

Ausbo1185d ago

I'm interested to see what the division will look like on both platforms. That game seems pretty demanding. In an open world like that we should see some difference between the two. However those claiming the difference is massive are just wrong.
the order and uncharted have the ability to really show what the ps4 can do, but Xbox exclusives will be no slouch either.

Letthewookiewin1185d ago

@Dark. Seriously when your not pushing each system to its limit your not going to notice any difference. There is no way the X1 could run The Order, Bloodborn or Uncharted equally with the PS4.

Cindy-rella1185d ago

Whenever im buying anything i tend to choose things by specs and why something might be better. The ps4 specs are far superior to the xbox one specs which should be important to anyone. Its a persons choice to ignore the specs and make choices on other reasons they might want a lesser product.

bleedsoe9mm1185d ago

@Cindy-rella 50 million 3DS say "hey" , 10 million vita owner say "damn right"

InTheLab1185d ago

It's not in any dev's best to promote one over the other even when the number clearly show an advantage.

Fanboyism is always trumped by the numbers....

DLConspiracy1185d ago

Well its a known fact PS4 has the Definitive Gardner's Edition for GTAV.

XBLSkull1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

There is a major difference. PS4 feels like a last generation console. That's why it sits in the closet until good exclusives come out - last one I played was Last of Us, be getting Bloodborne next.I don't have room for another console in my setup and im not leaving it on the floor, so back in its box it goes. The Xbox One however unified my entire home theatre/entertainment setup, and clearly feels like a fresh, new, and next-level experience.

From a games development standpoint this guy would know better than I do, from an end user standpoint the Xbox One clearly stands above the competition for me.

GameNameFame1185d ago

Let me know when X1 can do full HD.

rainslacker1184d ago


Both the PS1 and PS2 were not the most powerful of their gen, yet they were considered the best overall due to the software being made for it.

DC was actually better and more powerful than the PS2 IMO, but lost support too early to really make a significant mark on the industry.

Azzanation1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

*Aren't Really Noticeable For Us - Developer* You need to learn to read. Aren't really and no difference is the problem with your post. There are differences just not enough to notice or even care about. The only times you will notice ground breaking differences was if you purchased the same games on PC on full settings, with both consoles there isn't enough to brag about.

This gen is the closest we have seen these consoles in the hardware department, compared to other generations which consoles had major differences, just compare PS2 to Gamecube, there miles apart.

slapedurmomsace1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

@ XBL Skull

I hear ya completely, for me the Xbox one feels like a last generation console because the graphics it outputs is on the last gen level, but with an HDMI in port. I don't have room for all these consoles either, though I guess I could get an xbox one and unify my whole set up like you to make room....oh wait...that didn't afford you any extra room...guess I'll just have to deal with my phone being able to turn the channel, check my on screen guide and change my TV's input.

o/t...This whole argument is ridiculous. Both of these consoles are under powered, and do not have the grunt to have the legs the last generation did. I picked the PS4 to game on early this generation for one reason only, the exclusives..the very same reason I will get an Xbox One down the line. I will enjoy my God of War, my Order, my Uncharted, as I will enjoy the next Gears of War, and something tells me when I do place the Xbox One next to my PS4 and fire up Gears of War, my PS4 isn't going to turn on and start bitching about how it's got a better GPU and start with the what ifs Gears was on it instead..

Half of the people on this just need to find a different hobby, because this isn't a who's dick's bigger contest where the winner is picked via the console the game on..or watch TV, or whatever a gaming console should be doing now days.

its_JEFF1184d ago


the funny thing is it ain't even his/their d*ck lol In an article the is stating that the consoles are equal or close to it, he still left like that wasn't enough and had to let others know that the console he chose is the superior one.

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dantesparda1185d ago

Of course they don't see a difference, they aint pushing the hardware. Gamingdolt and more of their deceptive practices. And naïve fanboys eat it up.

Studio-YaMi1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

The game isn't on par with PS3 exclusives like Uncharted or GOW3,don't know why these "so-called" dev are so high of themselves.

The game isn't even on par with games like Halo:reach or Gears of War,so OF COURSE you won't see a difference between the two consoles,your game isn't even pushing limits here ... DUH!

Hoffmann1185d ago

Hideo Kojima from Konami might disagree.

OldDude1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I'm sure he would considering the Fox engine isn't optimized for X1 and they are too lazy to do it.

@MrSec84.. I have no idea how you are applying Occam's Razor to your point. Because, for starters, no the PS4 is not twice as powerful as the X1. Re-Check your hardware specifications. Yes, certain parts of the hardware "can be", but games are designed to utilize the total ability of the board. Slow CPU, latency issues with GDDR memory, 5200 RPM drive... its about 20% by the time its said and done. Plus if the game is CPU intensive the X1 actually has a slight advantage.

Last, I have a hard time with any console gamer saying they are "hard core". If you were you would spend your last dime to build a top of the line PC. My I7, 32gb DDR4, GTX970 with a 1tb SSD makes any console (including my X1 and WiiU) look like a toy. Console gamers are enthusiasts, not hard core. I don't see consoles hitting 1080p/60 let alone 4K.

Azzanation1184d ago

Hideo Kojima made a game for the X1 using very old SKUs which had the Kinect 10% GPU usage and was just a cheap port. MGS5 wont be the same as the Ground Zeros demo. Expect a lot closer this time around. You will be eating your words when you see Fox Engine running on X1 this time around. and you will be crying parity because the X1 will do running MGS5 quite well.

andrarfc1184d ago

Hideo kojima is a Sony shill, always has been.

itsmebryan1185d ago

You struck a nerve. Look at all the fanboys that disagree with you. Lol

MrSec841185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Anyone that's objective and understands hardware and software knows that the real difference between the two boxes can't have been shown by developers yet.

The differences in RAM say it all really, I mean anyone expecting XB1 to make the most out of it's GPU with only around half the required bandwidth to big storage is deluding themselves, even having eSRAM with it's 32-64 smaller storage compared to what a standard 7770 or 7790 require doesn't really help at best it adds up to a couple of added GB/s of bandwidth when combined to DDR3.

PS4 on the other hand has ample bandwidth to it's big pool of memory, mods to allow for far more AI and Physics to be computed on the GPU, in combination with the CPU dealing with fine grain tasks, this is going to make a huge difference as time goes on.
In real terms PS4 is actually beyond 2X more powerful than Xbox One.

The ICE Team are creating improved SDK, that's clear from SDK 2.0 being released and Ubisoft already showed that before the latest SDK they could perform around 2X the physics compute on PS4 compared to XBox.

The reality is that in time the differences will get larger and larger in what developers can do on PS4 compared to Xbox One.
ICE Team have some of the best programmers in the industry, they showed this on PS3 and they'll do it again on PS4.

Gamer7771185d ago

The PS4 is not 2 x times as powerful as the xbox one lol.

MrSec841185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

@Gamer777: you're right it's not just 2X more powerful than Xbox One, it's actually well beyond that, both systems have the same supplier of processing tech, but PS4 has far more bandwidth, with ample RAM size capacity connected to that bandwidth and far more mods for features that will matter in the future.

If Xbox One is somehow more capable than the specs say then you'll be able to explain how, without some BS excuse like "ms are software kings" or "it's a 2.6TFlop box".
There's such a thing as Occam's Razor, you should look up what it means and then you'll know why what I'm saying actually makes perfect sense.

PS4 is that much more capable, Sony are far more experienced at making consoles, the ICE Team coded down the the Binary level on PS3 and they'll do the same on PS4, but most importantly PS4 has ample bandwidth for it's parts, XBox One doesn't, while it also packs the weaker hardware.

Physics doesn't allow for you to get something from nothing and that's what you XBox guys are saying when you say that the gap is somehow not that big between both consoles.

Using current examples of games already released doesn't prove your point, because the technology that is known about hasn't been even remotely really used yet in PS4, let alone had any measure of optimization, but deny all you like.

hello121185d ago

Look Sony would face the same dilemmas Microsoft faced. This a quote from Microsoft why they upped the CPU clock.

We looked at a lot of titles in a lot of depth - we found that going to 14 CUs wasn't as effective as the 6.6 per cent clock upgrade that we did. Now everybody knows from the internet that going to 14 CUs should have given us almost 17 per cent more performance but in terms of actual measured games - what actually, ultimately counts - is that it was a better engineering decision to raise the clock. There are various bottlenecks you have in the pipeline that [can] cause you not to get the performance you want [if your design is out of balance]. -

To be honest there is plenty of evidence from PS4 devs and leaks Sony adopted a similar approach for the PS4 and they decided against using 18 compute units because it unbalanced the system. Sony Gpu is running a 14+4 or 15+3 setup for CU efficiency its evident in recent games that is the case. The PS4 GPU is still better, but you're ignoring clues everywhere- the PS4 is not as powerful as you think.

The x box 1 CPU processing power is higher again ignoring that fact and its an added dilemma Sony ice team will have to overcome.

In regards to memory yes in theory PS4 memory pool is better, but ps4 only uses 4.5 gigs for games and x box 1 uses 5 gigs for games the drr3 variant- the x box 1 also has a memory pool of 32mb going directly to the GPU and in theory its 109gb/s very fast memory that would more than make up the gap if used correctly by devs. There is also 8 gigs of flash nand memory installed on the motherboard and Microsoft has not said what its been used for?

2x more powerful ok what game has shown that since August. Every game is coming out at 1080p 30frames on both consoles and x box 1 is using directx11 a poorer API compared to Directx12. Sony has nothing like directx coming out if they had they would be telling everyone. Microsoft has been working with directx12 for 4+ years speak volumes how long it takes to get directx out to the public.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1185d ago


"The x box 1 CPU processing power is higher again ignoring that fact and its an added dilemma Sony ice team will have to overcome."

There's not a significant difference between the "THEORETICAL MAXIMUM CLOCK SPEED" of both CPUs to justify saying that the Xbox One has an advantage in that area, especially when you take into account how memory is configured for both systems. On the other hand, you have the GPU's 1.84TFlops vs 1.31TFlops, 18 compute units vs 12. Contrary to what you believe (You think that only 14 of these compute units can be used) all 18 compute units can be used by the application/game that's running. You can't just dismiss PS4's GDDR5 and the GPU just because the Xbox One's CPU is slightly less than 10% faster. Doing so simply turns your argument into gibberish and nonsense.

IrishSt0ner1185d ago

It's around ~30% better overall. The PS4 has slightly better hardware for gaming, but it's very compariable to XBO.

Just to disparige your mine is bigger than yours crap... My mid-high end PC (components cost £400) has 2x the GPU power and over 6x the CPU power.

Get a PC if your into performance, and please accept basic math.. 1.8TF is not double 1.3TF

parentsbasement1185d ago

its however many more times powerfull and it cant even snap?....give me less power then....

WilDRangeRfc1185d ago

I have both and I can tell you they are very close,the fps is better on most games on X1 while the resolution is higher on PS4.People can say what they want but theres alot about the X1 hardware that no one outside of MS understands.The PS4 has the better hardware but X1 software gains through DX12 will improve the console dramatically.X1 launched with poor api and sdk and was rushed out the door,X1 on paper is less powerful but DX12 will do things never seen in gaming to date.Theres also hardware inside X1 that no one knows about yet,oh and I prefer my PS4 over my X1 just saying

rainslacker1184d ago

DDR3 is actually fast enough to handle graphics when the memory controller can be programmed by the developer and not left up to the OS.

It can struggle when swapping frames dynamically though when two way traffic is necessary, which actually is used quite a bit in some games, particularly on PC where the CPU manages the swap, but again, not sure that's an issue on consoles where the GPU has direct access to the memory.

MrSec841183d ago

@KNWS: LOL MS had to deal with the issues of using DDR3 from day 1, that's why they couldn't go with a faster GPU or more CUs, ROPs, etc and Sony could, because they chose substantially faster RAM and mods to their GPU's compute pipeline.

As for your balance argument, Sony made all 18CUs accessible to devs, to use how they want, for Graphics or other compute.
I'm ignoring nothing, I've looked at all of the evidence, it fully supports what I'm saying. PS4 is just as powerful as I'm saying, the XB1 is a lot weaker than you think.

There's no dilemma on the CPU side, at 1.6GHz an 8 core Jaguar only requires 30 watts of power, Sony can easily over clock there's if needed & 3 watts is all that's needed to push it 10% faster, that wouldn't create much more heat, but anyway the CPU has plenty of power to feed PS4's GPU & that GPU is completely capable of general math besides graphics, there's no issue here at all.

LOL no eSRAM doesn't make up for the huge deficit in performance that MS made for themselves by using DDR3, as I've said before a 7770 or 7790 require 1-2GBs of GDDR5 with 70-90GB/s real world, with the set-up XB1 has eSRAM has to make up for the gap, it can't, it's 32-64X smaller than the comparable AMD GPUs have, basically XB1 can only feed it's GPU to just under half of standard possible performance.
No dev tricks can change that, it's not like eSRAM operates at 32-64X the speed of a standard pool of GDDR5 in a 7770 or anything, which is what it would need to do to supplement the gap in size.

As for why games haven't been shown to use the difference, why would they when developers started making the latest crop of games for the lowest common system?
Sony doesn't have anything to prove & SDK have only recently been released to start taking advantage of multicore & collaborative physics compute. The sales gap is there now, games that have started to go into production since the systems released will more than likely start to see the results of that, but we have seen games with superior than the likes of Ryse like Uncharted 4, which runs better, has far better graphics & offers a far more open environment, with a lot more physics interaction in game.
The likes of The Order utterly destroy any XB1 game.
If you're saying the differences aren't there then you really aren't looking for them or outright ignoring them because of your personal system preferences, I know the latter is probably most likely, I've seen you around here before & bias is clear.

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medman1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

Note to the uninformed:
If these differences aren't noticeable

You're probably not a very good developer. You might also be blind. See an ophthalmologist.

MysticStrummer1185d ago

That's about the GPU. Here's one about the CPU. XB1 fans will insist XB1's is better, but…

"NOTE: Before jumping on conclusions that Xbox One CPU speed is more than PS4 just based on these numerical figures, i advise readers to read a recent benchmark report Substance Engine.

A recent Substance Engine benchmark revealed that PS4 CPU is faster than Xbox One. For those who are unaware of Substance Engine, it is used to exceedingly decrease file size and provides unique graphics effects by making use of dynamic effects in real time.

Now According to details revealed in the benchmark, PS4 is actually running at 2Ghz in order to produce 14 MB/s of textures versus 12 MB/s textures for the Xbox One."

1185d ago
MysticStrummer1185d ago

I guess you have to be blind to be "not a fanboy". The differences between the two consoles are well documented and they show in performance, provided the dev isn't going for parity which many will.

stuna11185d ago

So why are you replying first? First off it doesn't take a fanboy to realize that these two machines are not the same! Just because a developer chooses not to favor one console over the other, doesn't invalidate cold hard facts when it comes to actual specifications between these machines. One is clearly more capable than the other!

This point is proven by the actions of these console makers, why up-clock the CPU? Why re-alocate resources from a at the time essential part of the console to boost another part? Why stress the importance of the cloud to promise the increase three-fold? And finally why keep reiterating how DX12 is suppose to benefit developers by cutting down as well as maximizing the potential of developers tools? Simple! Because at this point Microsoft realizes that there is a very noticeable difference in power/performance between both consoles, and logically they would want to close that gap.

Microsoft has spoken on numerous occasions as to their position as far as power/performance is concerned. If some people can't read between the lines, who's fault is that!? A lot of the discussions concerning certain aspects of Microsoft's console are more in the line of reassurance to potential customers.

Izzy4081184d ago

Lol, 92 fanboys disagree.

TheSaint1184d ago

Calling others fanboy and expects everyone to believe they aren't one. Ok.

TheSaint1184d ago

Except the PS is more powerful.

hfaze1184d ago

"For our game, the hardware is punching over what we need to run so the differences aren’t really noticeable for us."

So when you're talking about a game that doesn't even push the hardware that hard, then yeah, there isn't any difference between the XBOX One and the PS4.

When you start pushing the hardware harder... Well, we all know which console pulls off the higher native resolutions...

alabtrosMyster1184d ago

This must be why ps4 exclusives are always better looking than xb1 exclusives... And cross platform titles still release with some level of degradation on the xb1 compared to the ps4...

Skate-AK1184d ago

No release date on Rime yet. I am not sure if they have even targeted one. They have been pretty quiet since Gamescom.

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1185d ago Replies(3)
THC CELL1185d ago

its notable by gamers. some blind fanboys too

snookiegamer1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

There is a difference ...not a huge difference, but there is a difference.

If some Organizations don't want that difference to be widely acknowledged by the (sometimes ignorant) public, then propaganda statements pop up, usually endorsed by a small dev or someone relatively unknown in the industry, to add credence.

It's pretty obvious, but gamers shouldn't really care about all that. Let the quality of the games do the talking, not studios trying to get a come up ;/

Kingdomcome2471185d ago

Oh look.... Gaming Bolt asking another small unknown indie dev about hardware differences. As if they'd be pushing the individual consoles enough anyhow to really test their respective limits.

OB1Biker1185d ago

he he Gaminbot click click ;)
And people eagerly bite XD

Walker1185d ago

Differences are HUGE between PS4 and xBone in terms of graphics capability but yeah aren't really noticeable for your little pixelate indie game :)

riverstars861185d ago

The graphics are slightly better on PS4, but most consumers would have a hard time distinguishing the difference between the two, unless of course they are playing Sony's 1st party games. Hahaha

bananaboats1185d ago

lol no there is not a HUGE difference. but your one bubble says all there is to know about you.

marlinfan101185d ago

Here's a screenshot I already posted in here but I'll post it again for you. This rivals anything I've seen on ps4. Clearly a game like this shouldn't be possible on a console as weak as xbox right?

Kingdomcome2471185d ago

Bro... I can't wait to gallivant around Uncle Stu's Lobster Shack.

NeoGamer2321185d ago

In year one there were some differences with 720p and 1080p games...

In the second year there are slight differences with games at 900p and 1080p...

With XB1 DirectX 12 and the recent SDKs I am sure most games will be 1080p going forward on both consoles. In fact, through this past holiday season most games ran the same on both consoles.

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