Making the Kill Bill Xbox 360

The making of the ever awesome Kill Bill themed Xbox 360.

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BigBaehr3612d ago

Now all you have to do now is leave it on for an hour and the ring will have a blood red color too!

Mc Fadge3612d ago

Not the best yellow in the world :/

gunnerheadboy3612d ago

That yellow will just look beautiful with the flashing red on it.

ParadoxicalAssassin3612d ago

the paint job etc may go to waste...the overheating and stuff may damage the finish...

Don't mind me, im bored and need a girlfriend.

psycho3603611d ago

I think you move over to -------------> zone with your comments. Reported spam.

It was forward thinking of MS that lead to customization of the box itself. HAd they made it glossy finish and permanent faceplate then there wouldn't have been many ways to customize it.

Ali_The_Brit3612d ago

1. hes screwed if M$ need to fix yet another RRoD which will probably happen
2. he needs to dust

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