Persona news livestream announced for February 4

"Atlus has just announced through the official Japanese hub for the Persona series that it’ll be holding a special “news flash” livestream on Wednesday, February 4.

The stream, which is taking place the day before the Persona Super Live 2015 concert at the Nippon Budokan concert hall starting at 1:00 PM JST (making it 11:00 PM EST Tuesday night), will last for over 30 hours, featuring content that will “spare no expense at conveying the charms of the Persona,” including those new to the series, as well as more importantly featuring “a slew” of new news pertaining to the Persona franchise. While the source post doesn’t explicitly mention that the Super Live 2015 concert proper will be included in the broadcast, its projected run time does overlap with the start of the show, which is currently set for 6:30 PM JST on Thursday, February 5. Links are not currently available at this stage, but Atlus has announced that livestream will be available on both the Persona Channel page, as well as NicoNico."

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no_more_heroes1270d ago

Does Persona 4 the Golden Animation only include the new Marie content? I've only seen episode 1 and the first couple of minutes of episode two and it seems like it cut out a whole quarter of the game between that time. It was quite jarring...

starcatcher1270d ago

She's also in persona 4 Golden on Ps Vita.

no_more_heroes1270d ago

I know. I've already watched a full LP of Golden twice now (I don't have a Vita and can't afford one atm*). I've also since watched an LP of P3FES and the Spring of Birth movie. I'm now watching an LP of the female side of P3P and Arena Ultimax.

I was just wondering, because The Golden Animation only has 12 episodes, but the original one has 27. I've started watching that as well, but I was just wondering which one it would make more sense to watch first.

Better yet, is there a way I can watch both in chronological order, i.e. episode x of the Golden animation comes before/after episode x of the original animation?

Dinoegg_961270d ago

I only saw the first episode (didn't watch the whole thing because I didn't like it xD) and I'm pretty sure its main focus is to show Marie.

no_more_heroes1270d ago

I'd actually tried watching it a couple of months ago and thought the same thing. Going from discovering his power for the first time to discussing beach plans with Kanji in the party was just too much...

Heyxyz1270d ago

The show is essentially the P4G bonus content in Animated form. I contains very little Persona 4 Plot.

Source: I watched all of the episodes.

CaspuR1269d ago

watch the original....if you cant get golden i would also suggest u get persona 4 from the psn store.

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ps4gamer19831270d ago

Hoping for persona 5 info

spacedelete1270d ago

persona 4 golden ported and remastered for PS4. you heard it first here.

HentaiMasterRace1270d ago

And we certainly heard it here last...

vergilxx31270d ago

or persona 5 remastered for ps vita ??

Heyxyz1270d ago

I probably won't happen. Most Japanese gamers play on handhelds, so a console version of a game many people already have wouldn't be worth the effort sales wise.

elninels1269d ago

I live in new jersey and I would buy persona 4 golden on ps4. I feel confident that most of my friends with a ps4 would as well.

The persona franchise is successful worldwide.

Iltapalanyymi1270d ago

persona 5 gameplay is all i want.

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