PlayStation Drops Slightly, While Xbox One Falls Under 500 Weekly Sales For the First Time in Japan

Media Create just released the full top 50 results and analysis for last week’s hardware and software sales in Japan, showing an unsurprising overall drop since last week as the tail of the New Year shopping period ended.

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vishmarx1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

february is when ps4 japan sales really take off
DQ h
the order
god eater rb
episode duscae
all in just 2 months
them we get the anime games like naruto one piece,
theres persona 5.

all in all its gonna be a good year for ps4 in japan

and xbox :300 not sure what to say

DarkOcelet1339d ago

PS4 sales are going to explode in febreuary and March and if the Phantom Pain drops in April, it going to sell like hotcakes.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1339d ago

DQ h
the order
god eater rb also on vita
episode duscae
toukiden also on vita

Japan like Vita

Some with probably get ps3 version of
DQ h

Magicite1339d ago

Is x360 already discontinued in Japan? It seems nobody is tracking it there. Also it looks like X1 is only wasting MS's cash(ofc they have plenty, so why not)in Japan.

I hope PS4 can revive console gaming in Japan, we need it!

gokuking1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

PS4 sales will grow during the late winter/early spring window, but you're making that lineup look bigger than it is:

- Type-0 HD and Episode Duscae are the same thing. Interest in Type-0 HD seems a bit muted too, since they got the game on PSP. With no date for Episode Duscae given, Japan just might wait this one out until the game hits the bargain bins.

- The Order is a new cinematic western IP. I'm not sure that will do much in Japan. Other western Sony PS4 games like Killzone, inFamous, LittleBigPlanet and Drive Club sold low numbers. Uncharted 4 will be a mucher bigger deal.

- God Eater 2: Rage Burst is launching simultaneously on PS Vita and PS4. Early indications are that the Vita version will crush the PS4 version's sales to the point where it might as well have only been on Vita.

- Toukiden Kiwami is old. Japan got the PS Vita and PSP version in August of last year. Given it and God Eater are in the same genre, I wouldn't expect much from the PS4 port. It exists solely for the west. The 10,000 units they sell in Japan is just a bonus.

- Yakuza 0, Persona 5, Dragon Quest Heroes are genuine sellers, but they're also available on PS3. Once again, early indicators are heavily favouring the PS3 versions of those games in sales (excluding P5 since there are no early indicators yet), though not to the extent of God Eater 2. It'll have a considerably muted affect vs. if they were PS4 exclusive. The same goes for MGSV.

- Naruto's PS3 games weren't very popular in Japan.

- One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is available on PS3, PS Vita and PS4. Those first two will dampen the effect it has on PS4.

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DarkOcelet1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

So 4 PS4 Games
25 3DS Games
6 Wii U Games
5 Vita Games
10 Ps3 Games
0 X360 Games
0 Xone Games
3ds is surely dominating both software and hardware
PS4 is doing ok for no Japanese games
WII U is doing good
PS3 is still doing great
Vita is surely rising each week
X360 and Xone are having a real hard time. Hopefully Psycho Pass sells well.

OrangePowerz1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Well the 360 doesn't even track anymore in the weekly numbers so that one is done.

X1 right now is going the way of the PSPgo in Japan.

Eonjay1339d ago

I really wondered about this but then I took a look at the lineup. It's just that they need to beef up the lineup and they could really benefit from an official price drop. I remember a story saying the sold out in a day at that one store with the major discount.

DarkOcelet1339d ago

They made 50% discount. And sold out in one day. Price truly makes a huge difference.

yuukiliu1339d ago

One small store in a small town. They probably had 2 or 3 in stock and just wanted to get rid of them.

DarkOcelet1339d ago

Um, how do you know? Maybe they had more in stock, maybe they didnt but still, price makes a major difference anywhere.

TheStrokes1339d ago

If they dropped it by 50% in the UK, then I would buy one lol but there's nothing making me want to upgrade my 360. Another year or so down the line or when they release the slim I'll probably upgrade.

I dont ever see Xbox doing great in Japan... especially in today's market.

uptownsoul1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )


You do know that Japanese store your talking about with the 50% discount was dropping the price because they weren't going to carry any more Xbox Ones because they DONT SELL

"The Xbox One isn’t exactly performing well in Japan, and apparently some store owners are starting to wonder if it taking precious shelf space is actually worth it.

The manager of the Yorozuya store in snowy Hokuto, Hokkaido, apparently decided that it was time to stop selling Microsoft’s consoles, and issued a massive sale starting this morning, with sales of anything Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Xbox scheduled to end at the end of the month"


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OrangePowerz1339d ago

No lineup will help them. The 360 had all these JRPGs like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean etc. and barely did anything for them in sales. The X1 is doing even worse than the 360 there. The only reason why they even came out in Japan is so they can get support from Japanese developers.

SoapShoes1339d ago

And they aren't even getting that hardly.

WilDRangeRfc1339d ago

MS should just pull out,I dont care about Japan or the crappy Japanease games,they have a strange taste and should be left in the wilderness with handhelds,even PS4 isnt selling great,consoles are dying in Japan leave them to it I say

gokuking1339d ago

"Barely did anything for them"? Uh, the Xbox 360 sold just under 2 million LTD units in Japan. The original Xbox topped out at 500k. Xbox One isn't even at 50k (no zero missing) yet. Given those figures, the RPGs certainly are missed.

GokuSolosAll1339d ago

Cool to see Vita selling. Can't believe it beat New 3DS and even PS4.

DarkOcelet1339d ago

It seems to be doing pretty good the last few weeks. Hopefully more devs support it. I could use a Patapon 4 on it and another God Of war .

gokuking1339d ago

Those are Sony games. They abandoned Vita.

HentaiMasterRace1339d ago

Has the most incoming games in Japan for the entire year I believe. It would do a lot better in the west if marketing strategies changed and if support was shown.

Ol_G1339d ago

Seriously -.- you're really gonna compare it to that model knowing they have four combined tripling vita sales

Der_Kommandant1339d ago

I sold my vita, it was a stupid decision.

Killzoner991339d ago

It's not that big of a surprise. The Vita isn't doing as bad as the media would like you to believe and the 3DS has lost it's thunder which is why Nintendo made the New 3DS. Also you can't do remote play on the 3DS like the Vita can.

HentaiMasterRace1339d ago

It's doing well for a system that doesn't get the support it needs from it's own company.

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darx1339d ago

Japan isn't a blip on the radar anymore when talking gaming.

OrangePowerz1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Did you see sales numbers when games like Monster Hunter release over there? Right now there isn't much released for the Japanese people on consoles. I wouldn't discount that market. And handheld sales are as strong as ever so it is certainly still on the radar when it comes to gaming.

uptownsoul1339d ago

Not a blip? Famitsu has reported that the PS4 has passed 1 Million units in Japan…1 Million units doesn't qualify as a blip on your radar?


Studio-YaMi1339d ago

Sure it's not,in your own delusional little bubble ofc...

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