Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Review (Arcade Renaissance)

Arcade Renaissance: 'Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit is a slight change to the franchise. Even with some issues with the game's online mode and a bit of Dragon Ball overload over the last decade or so of releases, Burst Limit is the most refined Dragon Ball experience and warrants a look from fighting game fans who are wanting a fast and furious game to spend some time with prior to the deluge of releases later this year. If it was given a chance, I would think that a community could easily be built around Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, but whether or not gamers are willing to give it a chance is the bigger issue.

With a lot of feedback on the game focusing on whether or not it is more of the same, Burst Limit may end up prejudged for its license rather than on its own merits as it ideally should be. It has its issues of course, but even with those issues, Burst Limit is what happens when DIMPs and Atari/Namco Bandai finally get the core game right. If only the online mode offered more support and the story mode was more interesting, Burst Limit may have been a lot more than it turned out being. But even in its current state, Burst Limit does have enough to stand alone, separate from what its Dragon Ball name may represent.'

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