Upcoming Games: Q1 2015

Now that 2014 is over, games devs can move on from making remasters, and testing new game engines on next gen consoles, to delivering new and polished experiences to gamers. Remasters were fun for a while, seeing how the last gen games could be pushed to new levels on next gen consoles, but enough already, give us some new grounds to play in!!

Thankfully, 2015 is packed with great games lined up for release (unforeseen delays excluding), and here are some of the main releases to be excited about in the first quarter.

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SaveFerris1338d ago

Where is The order 1886?

Jaqen_Hghar1337d ago

At the top of a man's most anticipated for the first quarter! Got the CE preordered!

sparced1337d ago

The Order is going to get destroyed by reviews. They've already made their minds up.

I want it to succeed just like everyone should but the warning signals are all there.

jb2271337d ago

I have a feeling it will as well. Games Journalism has already picked it as its whipping boy for being an example of games that "aren't next gen enough" so it will only follow that no matter how great the game may be, it will be considered a relic of the past. By that logic though I assume no one can ever again say that Ocarina of Time is currently a great game or even worthy of playing because it no longer innovates when stacked up to games currently available. A quality game is a quality game, regardless of its components or what a reviewer wishes it brings to the table. If all of the factors included are top notch, what difference does it make if its not "innovative" enough or if it feels like a "gears clone"…we aren't reviewing mechanics & developers & the state of the industry as a whole, we are simply playing a game and judging it based off of its own merits. Imagine if this same logic was applied to other creative mediums…do film reviewers knock points off of movies for not creating new filming techniques or storytelling mechanics? These kinds of things are praised when they are included and done right, but the product isn't judged harshly if it doesn't reinvent the wheel…expecting that is counterintuitive in every way. I personally think a handful of outlets will give honest, uncolored opinions of the game, but most of the major sites will pan it for all of the thin excuses listed above. In a few years time, I'd say it'll be another cult classic type of title (assuming RAD follow through w/ even a portion of their initial vision) and many of those same reviewers will be pretending they never had an issue at all w/ the game.