Borderlands Developer Working on AAA Game, Comedy & Satirical Writers Being Hired; Borderlands 3?

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford recently teased that Borderlands 3 may or may not be announced during PAX South on Sunday, but there are some fairly telling clues over on the company website.

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cleft51341d ago

Oh good I hope they hire a talented writer this time because the humor in Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel was terrible. The Tales of the Borderland was infinitely more funny than anything that Andy guy wrote.

XBLSkull1341d ago

I only played 1 and 2 and they were both totally not funny. Luckily the gameplay was great and I could overlook the "we-are-trying-too-hard-t o-be-funny" humor. They definitely need no writers.

DeadlyOreo1341d ago

Borderlands 2 was fantastic, Pre-sequel no so much. Handsome Jack was brilliant in Borderlands 2, I don't know what you've been playing.

1340d ago
donwel1340d ago

I think you mean Anthony. TBH getting rid of him is the best thing they could do for the series, let's face it, if you have to go to reddit to write your game then a good writer you are not.

3-4-51340d ago

I want REAL humor. The kind that is natural and doesn't seem forced or like they are trying to hard for the joke.

* Trying to hard to be funny is one of the least funny things ever.

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bellome1341d ago

BL1 & BL2 were a lot of fun. I really hope for a 3rd one developed only for current gen.

Summons751340d ago

At this point and with the HJC on the way it probably will be.

YamiMarik1341d ago

They're trying to cram in too many jokes in this series. It's like there's an attempt at humor in every sentence. It's more annoying than funny. They need to space them out better.

NiteX1340d ago

Pre-Sequel definitely feels like they are trying too hard. BL2 had some parts that I actually laughed at though. I just hope BL3 has tons of improvements to the gameplay.