A bit more on the revival of Rodea: The Sky Soldier

During a recent event for Rodea: The Sky Soldier in Japan, a bit more was shared on the revitalization of the title.

As many of you know, Rodea was first announced for Wii and 3DS back in January 2011. It disappeared after a few months and it wasn’t until November 2014 that it resurfaced again. People didn’t believe that Rodea would see a release before the game re-emerged at the time.

Yuji Naka, director of Rodea, kept thinking: “I wonder if the game won’t be sold yet again!” Naka still jokes that he doesn’t believe a release will happen until he sees the game on store shelves. When Nakamura Yuichi, the voice actor of Rodea, was asked to do additional recordings after three years, he said: “Oh, isn’t the game out yet?”

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