15 Most Disappointing Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

This article focusses on the disappointing highlights of this decade so far, looking at the games which suffered huge technical failures, were rushed or unfinished at launch or simply disappointed by not living up to the high standards of those who came before.

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Mikelarry1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Destiny, destiny guys please have a look at the concept art of destiny in this article

I can see why this game is on many disappointing games of 2014 list . It is really sad destiny could have been THAT GAME but instead what we got is a good shooting very grindy and uninspiring game

OmegaShen1304d ago

Yet it sold well and even beat GTA V in sales on PSN. Yeah, I think its a few people hate and so Xbox fans for the stuff PlayStation gets.

gamer11381304d ago

Why are you making this about xbox vs playstation? I couldn't care less for the extra strike playstation gets. What let me down about the game was the pitiful story from a dev who was known for engrossing stories, the beyond tedious mission design(raids excluded) and the fact that it was touted as a 10 year game but now it's a 10 year game(s) with the rest of the game sold to you as DLC. No wonder most of the Bungie vets have left the company.

It's a shame because there is something about Destiny that brings you back to play it. I've run the Crota raid 5 times now. It's just everytime I play it I wonder how much better it could have been. It's biggest crime is the massive budget it had and the wasted potential.

bananaboats1304d ago

why even say anything about xbox fans. you're just looing to start nonsense. I play on the one and I love destiny. The extra stuff playstation owners get aren't rly that big of a deal

OmegaShen1304d ago

Truth hurts doesn't it?

bananaboats1304d ago

Destiny inspires me to play it everyday. Destiny is on my most awesome games of 2014.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1304d ago

The lack of imagination and creativity that goes into some of these articles is astounding. The typical M.O. seems to be find a popular game or find an upcoming release, then kick it, abuse it, step on, yell and scream at it and hope that someone shows up.

Here let me help you come up with something interesting that people actually want to read with a clickbait title included:

Multiplayer? We Don't Need No Stinking Multiplayer!

A Game Without Multiplayer Is A Like A Sandwich With No Meat!

The Linear Game: Walking That Familiar Line

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too: Co-op gameplay With A Story

These articles that are popping up on n4g SCREAM "im lazy," "i'm rushed," "click me please."

Knushwood Butt1304d ago

Can't wait to find out which are the most disappointing games of the millennium.

Macdaddy711304d ago

Heck most the games he wrote bout sold the most n still selling, not sure how he pick them but I could pick some that's not top sellers n top online

burza19821304d ago

Resident Evil is not disappointing because was full of crap before even release date. RE went in the wrong direction long time ago, the same with movies. Worst and worst with every part.
So, something what was expected be crap can not disappoint.
And they doing new RE film! God why!? They already did enough damage to this fantastic series.

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