10 Hidden Gem PS4 Games You Must Check Out

If you’re new to the machine, or just looking for something to tide you over till that next big release, here are some PS4 hidden gems for you to check out. Whether they just didn’t sell well, or gamers just didn’t give them much attention, here are those that deserve a second chance.

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Palitera1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

"10 average at best AAA mega advertised PS4 games" would fit better your list.
Thief, Sniper Elite, Knack etc. are neither "hidden" or "gems".


higgins781305d ago

Its true. Listing Knack alone is a fate worse than clutching at straws. I say all of this being a day 1 PS4 owner myself. I'm telling you, my PS4 has been used more as a Blu Ray/catch up player over the year than actually as a games machine. I find it incomprehensible that to this day people are still taking pot shots at Nintendo and particularly the Wii U, without it I would have gave up on the industry almost PC still has fire in its belly.

freshslicepizza1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

rayman legends, knack, wolfenstein, metro redux, and thief are hidden gems? none of those are really hidden and a few of them like knack and thief aren't what most would classify as gems.

are people that desperate to get notoriety around here by wanting these articles approved?

Palitera1305d ago

"We", as a community, approve it. Yay!

higgins781305d ago

I've looked at this list. None of the games mentioned - barring perhaps the game placed at no.1 - are particularly "hidden" or "gems". Face facts like I have needed. The PS4 has had a rotten year. The only game being great and exclusive to the system (of sorts) is TLOU, a game I had already enjoyed via my now traded (sadly) PS3.

Game_Face11305d ago

I'm sorry but the fact that a port is even on the list is sad. LoTF was ok but far from a hidden gem. The only game I can I thoroughly enjoyed was Wolfenstein. Definitely a big surprise for me since I couldn't get into the others.