Resident Evil HD Remaster Review: Better Off Dead | Paste

Paste: "Resident Evil’s only sin is being a first wave Playstation game, facelifted, botoxed, dressed up pretty, and trotted out one too many times. There’s very little from that era that doesn’t scream “Made in 1996” from the highest mountain, and if anything, the HD remaster ensures when we need to show how survival horror has evolved to a future generation, the resolution and detail will be clearer than ever."

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DarkOcelet1148d ago

This review is better off Dead. Some people just dont appreciate art. This game is a masterpiece and one of the best survival horror games in the history.

moegooner881148d ago

Paste Magazine is a joke, their former reviews made that clear.

ameliabaz1147d ago

No way. This game deserves more than a 6/10.