Xbox One Needs 6 Games to Defend PS4’s Huge Lineup

GameCriticism: We all know that Xbox One and PS4 are trying to defeat each other in these days, a lot of gossips and Rumors out about Xbox One and PS4 daily. Here we have a list of 6 games that Xbox One needs to defend PS4’s huge lineup. See the list below.

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Stupid1303d ago

Need new Gears of War and Left 4 Dead asap.

DarkOcelet1303d ago

Gears 4 and Alan Wake 2 and Lost Odyssey 2. Thats all i want.

breakpad1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

why they consider Tenchu as a given exclusive of Xbox ?...Tenchu Z was an exclusive mainly because PS3 hadnt released yet that time and didnt make good sales to continue afterwards ...Xbox needs new IPs to overcome the competition milked sequels

joab7771302d ago

Lost Odyssey. Blue dragon would be cool, but after LO2.

And ME4? I don't think it will be an exclusive again.

Letthewookiewin1302d ago

If Lost Odyssey 2 came to the X1, there would be an X1 in my living room.

BattleAxe1302d ago

If anyone has noticed, Phil Spencer has been praising Steam, including during the recent Windows 10 event, where he said he was a big Steam customer, and then went on to show Steam working within the Xbox App.

I'm wondering if he is trying to court Valve behind the scenes in order for them to give Xbox console exclusivity with Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, or even Half Life 3. Interesting times ahead, that's for sure.

St0rmbr1nger11111302d ago

The only thing that's even slightly interesting to me on Xbox is quantum break. Quantum break looks good and has an interesting story, but if all it has is the one trick pony of slowing time down by different amounts, I'm not to sure it will be a fun game. I'm also skeptical about it because it's made by the same studio that made Max Payne, and I got so bored playing through it I didn't finish it.

Another rehash of gears and halo makes me bored just thinking about it. I primarily play single player and occasionally multiplayer. Scream Ride just looks plain stupid. Scale bound looks good, but it looks like 2016 will be when it comes out.

Maybe it's just me, but there is very little that currently interests me on the Xbox.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Wishful thinking really, I don't see why Left 4 Dead 3(if they ever made it) and Mass Effect 4 would be XBOX One exclusive. PS4 has the larger install base this gen.

This isn't PS3 vs XBOX 360 anymore.

Haki11121302d ago

LO2 oh my lawd *Rub cheeks* 1000/1000 that game one of THE best RPGs on 360

hkgamer1302d ago

If lost odyssey gets announced then I will run out and quickly buy an xbone.

mikeslemonade1302d ago

But Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 don't count just as your normal exclusive. They count as 4 games.

Nothing on X1 is a mega exclusive. Please don't say Halo 5 either.

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Travis37081303d ago

Especially L4D I need it!

combatcash1303d ago

It doesn't need anything lol, It has a pretty good line up as well. People are either going to buy the xbox one or not. I just got one courtesy of a raffle, and for sure Fable legends, Quantum Break and the next gears are getting purchased day one.

UKmilitia1302d ago

xbox has nothing until fall 15 afaik.
even then they are not guarateed on time.
ps4 in 2015 is way wya better for games and be crazy for anyone to argue different.

but with the way this gen is going,half the sony exclusives prob wont be out either.

JasonKCK1302d ago

Doesn't MS usually reserve game announcements for E3?

Prime1571302d ago

Left four dead was pc... careful as you open arguments about planet side and other games not coming to x1

Brettman20081302d ago

L4D 1 and 2 were also on Xbox 360.

Prime1571302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Thank you, captain obvious. The point obviously went over your head.

Msn4g: ignorant since... ever.

kickerz1302d ago

Yea I'm not clicking through those pages

Agent_00_Revan1302d ago

Nope. Saw first page then links 5 more and 'don't care anymore'.

maddskull1302d ago

i dont ythink the next left 4 dead would be an xbox exclusive

badz1491302d ago

what are you talking about? there will be no next L4D, knowing Valve.

DarkOcelet1302d ago

Lol.. Why so many disagrees people?

Stay Classy N4G

DLConspiracy1302d ago

I don't think they believe you when you suddenly say positive things towards Xbox.

Foxhound9221302d ago

I highly doubt the next left 4 dead game will be an exclusive. Valve is in love with Sony lately, not to mention Portal and Half life games made it to PlayStation consoles.

Codewow1302d ago

I want Fuzion Frenzy 3..

payikick1302d ago

Left 4 dead is a valve game, doubt that an exclusivity deal could happen specially with how strong steam is.

Drithe1302d ago

Nintendo is gonna beat both Sony and MS with one game ..... The Legend of Zelda. Booyah!!

ShottyGibs1302d ago

You're crazy if you think Valve would expect ever release L4D3 as a X1 exclusive. Gabe always releases to PC first and doesn't care about your petty console war.

_-EDMIX-_1302d ago

I see...a game they don't own the IP to and a game being done by a new team that has no history with the IP...

I'm sorry but that sounds not only unlikely based on Valve likely NOT making L4D3 exclusive and not likely for the next gears to be any good with a team that isn't Epic..

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alihkathia1303d ago

Blue Dragon looks awesome i wish to play this on Xbox 1

RickyLee1303d ago

Gears of War 4
Mass Effect 4 we need this really for Xbox 1

Monster_Tard1303d ago

Mass Effect 4? I hope not. I hate seeing games announced as bought exclusives/timed exclusives, gamers gain nothing from it and would be playing the games either way(if you owned the console the game is exclusive to), I'd much rather Sony and Microsoft put that money into their own IP's or use it to create new ones.

itBourne1302d ago

You hit it on the head, this is why I will not give MS my money, ever. They are not out to support the gamer. They have spent and unfathomable amount of money buying stuff, and almost nothing building a foundation to actually support the gaming community.

Even when they buy a studio, they kill it... Rare? Ensemble, probably the most beloved rts games of all time, dead. Can you name a top tier MS studio? I cannot. Even mid tier, they have what? 343. and ummm... Their support is a freaking joke. Nintendo, I will give my money to, got a gaming pc custom built, and will give Sony my money. MS can rot in hell.

iNcRiMiNaTi1302d ago

Mass effect started off as an exclusive didnt it?

Monster_Tard1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )


Yes it did for 5 years, but still the only way Mass Effect 4 will become an exclusive is if someone pays them for it.

Tctczach1302d ago

@ itBourne didn't Sony just pay for "no man's sky" exclusivity or am I dreaming....and Microsoft does support the gamer because they spend "unfathomable" amounts of money on their gamers. Here is a top level studio for you, "Remedy". How about I throw another at you and end this with "Mojang"

itBourne1302d ago

Lmao, they just bought Mojang dude, they havent had time to throw them in the gutter yet. Remedy is not top tier, sorry. MS makes them waste resources on mobile shit too lmao. Sooo Alan wake and so mobile titles, makes them top tier? Okay, so you named one B tier studio. Dang man, MS really helping us out.

They have been in the industry for 13 years and still do not have a respectable first party stable.

nowitzki20041302d ago


What have they done exclusively for the Xbox One so far? Quantum Break looks good, but just like I hear about every upcoming PS4 game, we have to wait and see.

No Sony does not have exclusivity for No Mans Sky, Its coming to the PC as well. I don't need to count multiplats as exclusive games like Xbox One fanboys

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_-EDMIX-_1302d ago

"Mass Effect 4 we need this really for Xbox 1"

I'm sorry but that is the reason why PS3 outsold 360 and PS4 is outselling the hell out of the "we" need a IP from a publisher that is NOT MS?

LMFAO! DO you really hear youselves? Thats like Sony needing MGS, Tekken, FF etc.

Know what Sony did?

They bought more studios to not get put in such situations, even with many, many once exclusives going multiplat last gen, PS3 STILL outsold 360 last gen and PS4 is outselling XONE THIS GEN!

What MS "needs" is gamers wanting games from MS NOT EA, Ubisoft etc.

Nothing is wrong with wanting Mass Effect 4....but to state they "need" it on XONE for XONE to success sorta proves MS is in a very, very bad place.

Soooo your fans are begging for a IP you don't own?

How much faith does XONE owners have in MS, in that they are seeking an IP that was NEVER owned my MS to begin with, in fact in 2007 BEFORE ME1 eeven relaesed, EA bought the IP from Bioware, ie it was already known to be a EA owned IP even before its offical release, so it was "exclusive" for what, 4 or 5 months before EA released a PC version?

Your crying about an IP that was at one point exclusive for months? You got to be kidding me, get over it and start asking for MS in house games, all your doing is showing MS indeed doesn't have a foot to stand on if your just keeping your hopes up for an IP owned by someone else from a game that was exclusive for 4 months...something is very, very wrong.

Your just proving they are in a real need of help if THIS is what your hopes are for.

EA has 860 million reason to NEVER have it solely on 1 platform ever again....

Its EA's IP now, for gods sake it was 8 years ago and it seems MS fans just can't let it go, what so sad is that the damn game wasn't even exclusive for very long as was bought by EA before it EVEN OFFICIALLY RELEASED!

ie it was exclusive for months and even when it "was" it was STILL KNOWN THAT EA OWNED THE IP!

AngelicIceDiamond1303d ago

I really, really wish Bioware would make Jade Empire 2 happen for Xbox.

That would be amazing.

BabuBila1303d ago

it is bitter truth that Xbox cant not defend ps4 at any cost and conditions

Rimeskeem1302d ago

Why would it want to defend the PS4?

indyman77771302d ago

I think he meant xbox cant defend AGAINST ps4 at any cost and conditions. Right?