Grand Theft Auto V: A New Perspective On Rockstar’s Crime Epic

The long-awaited PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will come with a stack of new content and enhancements, including better visuals, more wildlife, new weather effects and a replay editor. But it’s the addition of an optional first-person mode that’s proving to be one of the most exciting new features.

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Usmang1269d ago

It’s customisable, too. You can set camera modes for different actions, like if you only want first-person when you aim a weapon or get into a vehicle. My only complaint is the FOV, which is very narrow. This can make actions where the camera moves around a lot – like pulling a driver out of their car to steal it – a bit disorientating. Hopefully, the PC version’s graphics options will offer an adjustable slider.

Let See it would be so. We can't thing that camera view can be changed.

Clown_Syndr0me1269d ago

There has been more sliders added to the game recently. (Not sure how recent as don't play often). Not sure if any of these can help you as I prefer GTA in third person anyway.

Wuket1269d ago

Here's a good control guide for 1st person mode

3-4-51269d ago

Hmm wish I would have known this when I had the game earlier.

Want to buy it again, but not sure if I should wait for PC.

kingfetish171269d ago

I've had enough of this game. Announce the next Red Dead already R*! Geez

MadMenX1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

What we can take away from Next Gen GTA5 is, GTA X built from ground up for new systems, will be amazing, esp visually, the fact they did what they did with last gen hardware, still amazes me.

I would like a sequel to Vice, It can only get better with the next game.