How to Play The Witcher Battle Arena

The team at Grab It share some insights from CD Projekt Red on how to ease into playing The Witcher Battle Arena for the first time.

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shipnabottle1271d ago

I had a go at Vainglory when it released last year on iPad never having played a MOBA before and found it really accessible. So it broke the MOBA ice for me. Still not my favourite genre though, but it was a great introduction. And Vainglory is such a stunning looking game.

The Witcher Battle Arena I had a quick go of and again it eases you in quite nicely, and I only had a quick go but it seems there is a good level of strategy beneath the surface. Not quite as pretty as Vainglory and the maps seem a little plainer, but CD Projekt Red are always dependable and seem to do the right thing by customers so it seems worth a go.

It would be interesting to hear from any MOBA aficionados as to how this stacks up against other titles. Even against titles on other platforms, like League of Legends.

DrDumb1271d ago

I'm really interested in The Witcher universe, but I haven't really jumped on board with the whole MOBA thing yet. Cheers for the primer!