Outsold and Unloved in 2014, Can the Xbox One fight back?

Edwin Evans:
"Late last year, while I was still deputy editor at Official Xbox Magazine, Microsoft rounded out one of its Xbox sizzle reels with a quote from Rocky Balboa. The key line: "It's not about how hard you can hit—it's about how hard you can get hit and keep on coming."
Nice bit of self-referentiality there, right? It's almost as though they're talking about the Xbox One's dismal showing against Sony's PlayStation 4, which has outsold it by millions of units thanks to a lower launch price, sturdier graphics capabilities, and an unconflicted marketing focus on video games, rather than vaunted "broad entertainment" features."

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gameon19851275d ago

One day people will stop buying into Sony's lies. And for any fan boy hollering that Microsoft hasn't change as a whole needs to get their head out of the sand. The fact that they are giving away their bread and butter (Windows) speaks volumes.

DarkOcelet1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I dont know exactly what you mean by Sony Lies. But every company out there lies and mislead their consumers so nothing new here. Its great that they are giving away windows 10. But Sony used to give people free games with before games for gold existed and they gave way more than its value and there were many AAA among them. And honestly MS can give away anything they want with the amount of money the have lol.

Ms has indeed changed from last year, nobody can deny that.

And the only fanboy i see here is you right now.

MeliMel1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Dark, atleast come correct. You say Sony was giving away Free games. Ahh No they werent, the free games we got was a PS+ perk. If PS+ sub ran out, they were just Demos. Games for Gold, tho not giving you the better games like Sony, was actually giving away games for FREE. Yes you needed an Gold account to get it but they were yours even after your sub ran out. Thats Free games...

And please tell me you are not comparing the value of a Windows OS to the value of the free games Sony has given out. Because if you are you need to think a bit there. Sony would have to give you the company(im exaggerating, of course)to reach that value. They are probably a half billion Windows OS users who are getting Windows 10 for free. Windows OS usually start at around $99, some skus are over $200. Lol... and I know I will get disagrees but not because Im wrong but because, you guys know Im right.

I just came to say how the Xbox One in 2014 wasn't unloved. And Im not trying to start no war of words either. I just disagreed with what you said. And the agrees you got proves my point that this site is very clicky(hope thats a word) some probably even knew that what you said was wrong...but hey it is what it is.

Lol.....what I tell you guys. Disagree if you agree.

Dark, they werent giving away free games on PS+
Stop trying to agrue that point and the value you speak of still doesn't or will never come close to Windows 10. All of sudden MS needs to make up for past OS? Ok...well there probably getting the best ever. And you act as if there is more PS owners than Windows users. You can add up the install base for all Playstations since One and it probably sti doesnt equate to Windows OS install base. Im going to bed. My fingers hurt from typing already.

Btw- do you own any of the next gen consoles?

DarkOcelet1274d ago

Sony was giving a year old AAA titles.
MS was giving a 5 years old titles lol.
Huge difference my friend.
Also lets say the Windows OS cost 200$.
Ps+ for 5 years cost 300$ and you get over 1500$ worth of games or even more so that is a major difference mate.
And honestly after the **** up of Windows 8. They should have somehow make it up for the people who got it.

Sitdown1274d ago

Man just stop, there is no comparison. Give us a list of all the games released so we can tally the $1500. You are falling for the suggested retail you really think a company is willing to annually take a $1200 dollar hit just to get people to sign up for PS+? What AAA title has PS+ given us for the ps4? And I'm sure curse of Max is not 5 years old, especially given the Xbox one has just hit a year. Unless you have tons of stock in Sony, there is really no reason to blindly defend them so hard..... Because it makes you look like the "fanboy". For the first year you can get the new Windows for free just for owning a computer, whereas I got to subscribe to PS+ to get this supposed value. Should Sony now give me PS+ free if I don't feel their ps4 offerings were up to par with their previous ps3 offerings?

BattleAxe1274d ago

Xbox One had a great 2014, and looks to have an even better 2015. You know, I have been a huge Sony fanboy over the years(check out my comments from several years ago), and for good reason, since Sony made the best hardware and had the best games, particularly during the PS3 era.

This time around, Sony didn't have any games I was looking forward to except for possibly Infamous: Second Sun and Killzone: Shadow Fall, but after trying Killzone: SF at a friends house, I was extremely disappointed being that I was a huge fan of Killzone 2 and Killzone 3, and I'm sure that most Killzone fans from games past would agree with me. Also, there's no more Socom, Resistance, Heavenly Sword, M.A.G. or potentially even no more Motorstorm games.

PS4 released with a heap load of hype, and from my perspective that's all the PS4 has. I don't get why people on this site in particular love to tout all of the Indie games that Sony has, when most of them are not a reason to base a console purchase on their own.

If we're being totally honest, Infamous: Second Sun is the only real reason to own a PS4 at this point in time. I'm not into Demon Souls or Dark Souls, so I'm not sure if I would like Bloodborne, even though the setting looks awesome. The Order 1886 is still somewhat of a mystery, and is getting a mixed reception from people who have played a small bit of the game, so it might not be the triple A game that gamers are looking for, but who knows....

I'm a big God of War fan, so I'm interested to see what direction they go for the new game for PS4, but I'm worried that after GoW3 and the way it ended, and then with GoW:Ascension as a prequel which got mixed reviews, I'm worried that Sony is going to milk the series, or simply ruin the series by going in a direction that is different and possibly not well received by fans.

The PS4 has seen a major quality drop in their first party games, such as LBP3, Driveclub, Killzone:SF, and depending on who you talk to, Infamous: Second Sun. Uncharted, The Last of Us and Gran Turismo are the games that need to carry the PS4 into the future. If Sony messes any of these three games up, then I think you will see love for the PS4 begin to dwindle.

No company in the industry has mishandled their top game franchises like Sony has. Socom is probably the best example. They bought Zipper Interactive right around the time that Socom 3 came out, and the reason that they bought Zipper was because of......Socom! It was a great game series with a large online community, and they completely squandered the studio and the IP. After the Socom 4 debacle, Zipper was shut down...what a waste.

BattleAxe1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Resistance: Fall of Man was an instant hit, and was followed up with Resistance 2, which, while the single player wasn't as good, the multiplayer was tops in the industry with 8 player co-op and 60 player online matches. I'm not sure what happened behind the scenes during development of Resistance 3, but fans of the series will know that the multiplayer was garbage, and the ending of the game was rushed. Then, all of a sudden, after years and years of partnership with Sony, Insomniac are busy at work making Sunset Overdrive exclusive for Xbox One.

Then we have Motorstorm... This was an awesome game, and probably my favorite all time racing game. Sony bought Evolution Studios after the first Motorstorm game. Things were good for a while as Motorstorm: Pacific Rift was a fantastic game, despite some fan reaction of poor ground textures and vegetation textures.

Then all of a sudden, we get Motorstorm: Apocalypse, which might not have been a bad game, but it was so similar to Disney's Split Second, and it just didn't have the same magic as the first two games. Now, on the PS4 gamers were treated to an incomplete game called Driveclub. I have seen people defend the game because it has great graphics, but what about the amount of release content and stability of the game servers? The history of Sony's involvement with Evolution Studios is strikingly similar to that of Zipper Interactive, which is why I suspect that history is about to repeat itself, with Sony shutting down Evolution Studios, or at least merging it with another studio at some point in the near future.

They've also done nothing with the Heavenly Sword IP which doesn't make any sense to me. Heavenly sword was a beautiful game with great characters, so instead of milking the God of War franchise, why doesn't Sony Santa Monica make a Heavenly Sword Game. Also, wheres a Syphon Filter game? Where's The Last Guardian? Where's Agent, and are they doing anything with Rockstar to make this game happen? Or is Agent going to be a Multiplatform game if it ever gets released? How did Sony lose exclusivity of the Metal Gear series? How did they fall out of bed with Insomniac?

One other thing that has really bothered me about Sony, is that unlike Microsoft, they have never released all of their first party games as digital releases on the Playstation Store. If you're into physical copies of games, then it probably wouldn't bother you, but for people like me who prefer digital downloads, this is a real let down.

It really troubles me to see the hardcore Sony fanbase blindly defend everything that Sony does and everything game that the PS4 has, especially since I am part of the hardcore Sony fanbase. The only difference is that when I see some things that Sony are doing that I don't like, it pisses me off. Sony doesn't pay me anything to defend them, on the contrary, I have spent loads of money on their products, and they're lucky to have me as one of their customers.

BattleAxe1274d ago

So, on the topic of "can Microsoft save the Xbox One"... It doesn't need saving. Despite the fact that it hasn't sold as well as the PS4, it has had more solid exclusive games, which in the case of The Master Chief Collection also offers way more value with the shear loads of content that the game offers, which Sony has not matched with any game on PS4.

I sincerely believe that the tables will turn over the next year, not out of fanboyism, but just by analysing how both companies are positioning themselves, and by looking at the trends that each company are exhibiting. Sony is coasting right now, and they won't move a muscle unless they have to. Microsoft is full steam ahead, and they want to be the top dog. The price drop in the U.S. and the Windows event, I believe, are just the beginning.

On the PS4 front, if The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4 turn out to be top notch games, and if Sony manages to wow people with future game releases, then I will certainly be buying a PS4 at some point. At the moment though, Sony is more focussed on paid subscription services and indie games, which just isn't my cup of tea.

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2pacalypsenow1274d ago

O you mean like the time ms said the RROD only affected a few people ?

Insomnia_841274d ago

They released the 360 KNOWING it was defective just to get a head start of the PS3. That alone says a lot.

jaeEvuhL1274d ago

lmfao and xbox still outsold the ps3 with the RROD lmfaooo says alot

ltachiUchiha1274d ago

One of the most hilarious comments ive ever seen lol.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

They are giving away Windows 10 in the hopes that word of mouth will sell their product after a year. Judging by Microsoft's history of anti-consumer practices, there will definitely be something that you'll have to buy from Microsoft if you do upgrade. They'll eliminate some features or something will stop being compatible with this version of Windows and a large chunk of the files you have saved on your computer, (music, paper work, photos, possibly some games) will become useless. They have already begun this trend by making "FREEWARE" incompatible with Windows 7 & Windows 8, your comment shows just how biased you are when it comes to Microsoft, even with the truth sitting right in front of your face.

WilDRangeRfc1273d ago

You comment on every Xbox article bashing MS so your no different,why the hate???

jb2271274d ago

Not sure we can judge MS giving Windows 10 away as a selfless act at this juncture. We aren't privy to the details, but no company would do that w/o some kind of ulterior motive. Maybe they are aiming for some targeted ad revenue, or some tracking features in Windows 10 that businesses will pay to get access to. There are many potentialities for MS to make money even while giving away this OS, and if you don't think that at least some of those are in play then I don't think you know how business works. I personally think that Windows 10 will be some kind of trojan horse, we've already seen MS' willingness to utilize those kinds of tactics.

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AngelicIceDiamond1274d ago

"One day people will stop buying into Sony's lies."

Umm what? MS single handily nearly doomed Xbox 2 summers ago. Sony at that point didn't have to do much at all to gain and stay in the lead.

MS doing what it needs to do. Improve its hardware and focus on the games.

DarkOcelet1274d ago

Exactly. Well said. And with DX12 things should improve with the Xone even if it is only a little bit but its better than nothing. And i am really interested to see what the hololens can do.

Ps4andxb11274d ago ShowReplies(3)
ScorpiusX1274d ago

I love my Xbox's , look forward to getting more very soon.

Team_Litt1274d ago

Lol. What a headline. Unloved too!! You fools on both sides can't see that the media pulls your strings like puppets and you reward them with clicks.

The Xbox One may be selling less than the PS4 but it is doing very well compared to the Xbox 360 during the same time frame but that doesn't make for a catchy headline does it?

As you were.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

It's a great title. It isn't a lie, it isn't exactly true. Perfect title.

The problem with the Xbox One isn't that it doesn't have any customers, Microsoft doesn't seem to be trying to attract new customers. Take a look at the first few months of this year:

What exclusive games will the Xbox One be getting before May for instance? Screamride? Ori & The Blind Forest? No AAA Exclusives. No first party exclusives. Pretty much the same as last year. They drop the few games that they do have during the holiday season and hope that those 3 or 4 titles will carry the platform into the next holiday season. It's a strategy, just not a very good one. You see people want to play games. When a new game comes out, the average playtime for that game is two months, but what if people don't like the games you're offering?

Phil Spencer has the right idea, but I don't think his bosses are to interested in what he has to say.

DragonbornZ1274d ago

No, the title isn't good.
And MS are obviously trying to attract new customers with games like Scalebound, D4, Phantom Dust, Sunset Overdrive, and even Screamride.
Their problem is that they're more about the holiday season. Just need to spread their games out during the year.

Sonital1274d ago

The funny thing is, most Xbox gamers are still catching up with the flood of awesome games at the end of last year.

SSO, MCC, FH2, COD...etc. Those games haven't just disappeared! They're still in my "to finish" pile.

Automatic791274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )


Ori and the blind forest, screamride and State of decay are all published by Microsoft Studios and to me they all are indie games but come close to triple AAA production values. Overall if you look at the diversity of those 3 games alone you should realize that MS in its First quarter alone is on the right track this year. Then you have Smite and Dungeons and dragons Neverwinter which one is moba free to play and the other a large MMO on Xbox One. Also did we not just hear about Forza at the Detroit Auto Show and Fable Legends at the Windows 10 event why are you ignoring that or the fact that we are heading in February and already you heard about 7 solid titles and more to come in 2015. I think its fair to say there are games in the lineup that everyone wants to play.

WilDRangeRfc1273d ago

I have both consoles do you?? Bias aside how can you really believe that PS4 has had a more quality filled and diverse line up of AAA games so far?? They havent,TLOUR is my fav game ever and the only exclusive worth keeping along with DC.I have traded in ISS and KZSF ( Watchdogs multiplat )on PS4.I still play KI Titanfall SSOD HMCC and FH2 I havent had time to play Ryse or DR3 yet,AAA wise Xbox won 2014 easily and I own both consoles and have a fairer opinion than you,have you ever owned an Xbox be honest???

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