Why Destiny Was The Best And Worst Game Of 2014

Erik Kain:
"Bungie’s Destiny has inspired some of the most ambivalent thoughts I’ve ever had while clutching a gamepad.
Some people have said it’s the sort of game you either love or you hate. For me it’s much more of a love-hate relationship. It’s exactly what I want out of a video game, and yet its pieces are ultimately more satisfying than the whole."

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Lord_Sloth1304d ago

Not the worst at all. People just expected it to have the same impact on the market that Halo did and when it didn't peeps got loud with the "terrible game" accusations.

I'm not sure what I'd say the best or the worst is for last year but in either case it wouldn't be Destiny. And no, it wouldn't be Watch_Dogs or Unity either.

DarkOcelet1304d ago

Excellent Gameplay
Solid Multiplayer
Beautiful Graphics

Bad or non existent story
Very Repititive
Grind, Grind and more Grind
Bad Loot
Cash Grab dlc system

Rimeskeem1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

It's more how the loot system works. You shouldnt have to play 24 hours and maybe get a decent drop instead of getting a very good drop. Also if you play the best in an online PvP match, you should get the best stuff.

emad-E-three1304d ago

100% Agree also as Cons:
1 False Advertisement! Only people who followed the game since the announcement know that, Trading system for instance!
2 Lack of content.
Not saying the game is bad or I hate it no I actually love it and I believe it could've became the best game for 2014...but I madly hate Bungie for what they did wrong.

Summons751304d ago

Watch_Dogs for sure. Unity isn't even that bad either, sure it had a terrible launch but now that they patched up all the major problems it's really fun and enjoyable. It feels like a true sequel where AC 4, Rouge, all felt like 3. Wasn't hot on the setting in France but I really like this Assassin, reminds me of Ezio if Ezio wasn't a womanizer and an idiot.

Mikelarry1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Just stop showing me those amazing concept art, looking at those images breaks my heart.

I really had high hopes for this game and when i saw those concept art i was so amazed and intrigued about all the exploration this game might offer. I don't know what happened to destiny but they ROYALLY screwed up as this game could have set the precedent of next gen games rather than another really grindy game with good shooting mechanics

JasonBloodbourne1304d ago

Didn't bungie say they were inspired by dark souls when they created destiny? I fail to see where that inspiration went. That's also the first time I've seen some of that artwork and it's awesome, so you got to wonder why bungie left so much out. Was it all activision as part of the contract or was it a joint decision or what? Or could it of been the consoles they were developing on? The mind boggles at what could've been.

DarkOcelet1304d ago

I found it on the internet and put it their as a reminder of the amazing potential it had. Its a shame it didnt turn out that way. **** Activision.

mixelon1304d ago

Wait.. Goblins riding on a frog and sword weilding guardian?! I want THAT destiny. :(

DarkOcelet1304d ago

There was so many contents cut out, it seriously disgust me. I swear Bungie's original vision for the game was unbelievable. It was going to be different, much different. Then Activision happened, Sigh. The game was supposed to be massive and truly makes it feel like a next gen experience. I dont blame Bungie. I blame the greedy @ssholes they work for.

n4rc1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Activision didn't happen.. They were part of it from the get go

As much as people hate to admit it.. Dlc is now mandatory and is part of the planning process..

Yes they have tons of content.. But its being spaced out in their long term plan including dlc and destiny 2 etc

Just because they worked on it prior to you buying the game, doesn't mean you are owed that content right off the bat. They have a 10 year plan, you dont simply use every idea you have and go "well. We'll figure out years 2-10 as we go"

As a gamer, yes I'd love to have it all crammed into this one game but I know its not realistic.

n4rc1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )


If Im looking what my play time is.. I see 40h here, 80h there..

Oh.. Hi destiny.. 400h.. Lol

Goty based on that... Not that its a 10/10 game or anything

Tex1171304d ago

Same here. If I look at it as hours played...Destiny is my GOTY.