5 New Features Destiny Can Perk Up With ‘House of Wolves’

What changes could improve Destiny, video game must have been discussed and evolved. House of Wolves is announced expansion of this game and it can be made even better. With deft tweaks things can be made awesome and here are these 5 easy to do things for this purpose.

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BabuBila1334d ago

Have to Stop Introducing New Currencies in House of wolves DLC expansion

Drithe1333d ago

Amen to that. Giving us "New Currency" just to make us grind sucks ass and it is unimaginative.

End of line.

LiLTich921333d ago

I think they should use the acendant materials and radiant materials together to not made vog and cotas end redundant just a thought...

Dreaming-Art1334d ago

Fixing Old Bugs is the main thing to improve the game

Conzul1333d ago

Yeah and bring the Mythoclast to 350

Stupid1333d ago

Just want to fix the bugs in House of Wolves, nothing else!

Tetsujin1333d ago

6. Have an actual, good story that doesn't end with 45 minutes of playtime.

Speed-Racer1333d ago

5 pages for 5 points? No thanks. Here's the list without that BS.

1. Caps Improvement
2. Fix Old Bugs
3. Stop Introducing New Currencies
4. More Attractive Rewards on Accomplishing a Mission
5. Expand Choices of Customization

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