PS4 Slim Incoming Soon?

PS4Home: "The PS2 got a slim edition, the PS3 had two slim editions, the idea that we’ve got a PS4 slim incoming so soon shouldn’t come as a shock."

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mushroomwig1298d ago

3-4 years after the original seems to have been the trend so far. The PS2 slim was released 4 years after the original and the PS3 slim was released 3 years after the original.

Honestly, it's only been a year so I think it's still way too soon for another version.

gameon19851298d ago

It's funny, all the big Microsoft Xbox news (DX12, Cross play, Streaming games, Windows 10 etc) and all going on in the Sony camp is another version of the PS4 LOL!!!

Sarobi1298d ago

What is wrong with that? I think the general consumer would find news about a smaller/cheaper PS4 more appealing than news about Cross play and streaming (something that has been relevant to PlayStation for a bit now).

JoeReno1298d ago

the only thing wrong was his sorry attempt at trolling.

emilijo7771298d ago

did you see how PS4 outsold xbox one in US, UK and WW last year?

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Jihaad_cpt1298d ago

Cross Play PS4 has that, Game Streaming PS4 and PS3 has that. Low level system programming tools SONY has that. So... What is your point?

Omran1298d ago

are you offended by this news, get a life :)

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Since you felt the need to drop by this article to downplay a PS4 slim, I feel the need to rain on your parade in kind. Dude Microsoft's big news isn't big news at all. Remote Play? Being done by Sony. Streaming Games? Being done by Sony. Cross Play? Will be done SFV. DX12 is just an upgraded version of DX11 and will not improve the Xbox One's performance in any significant way.

As for a PS4 slim, if Sony does manage to slim it down even more and release it this year, that would be a real coup de tau of sorts... I can see the headlines now:

"Playstation 4 Slimmer and Sexier, so what about that fat kid down the block?" [insert Xbox One Photo here]

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LightDiego1298d ago

Slimmer than PS4? Would be a tablet then.

Fizzerd1298d ago

Now you're going too far.

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