PAX South First Look: Gigantic, The Third-Person MOBA Ready to Shake Up the Genre

With little new information working its way out to the public, the winner of our PowerLeveled PAX Prime “Game of Show” award last September is back with more details on the finest MOBA title coming up: Gigantic.

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Hi3i1299d ago

Can't wait to hear more!!

JoeIsMad1299d ago

It's a great game. Motiga's definition of "Alpha" isn't a glitchy or unplayable game, it's simply something where they want to add more content and characters before launch. This game is already playable and enjoyable right now, and I really wish I had open access to it.

csbunk021299d ago


I registered for beta the day they announced this game many months back, hope I get in first wave :o

M O A R!

...i'm looking at you Overwatch ;)

And no, SMITE isn't a bang bang FPS, it's a 3rd person fps-like MOBA.

Jacktrauma1299d ago

Looking forward to seeing its progress from PAX Prime. Looks awesome

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