MS. Pac-Man Ported to Intellivision

Carl WIlliams writes, "Pac-Man had to go solo, single, on the Mattel Intellivision since his wife, Ms. Pac-Man was unable to make the jump. That has not stopped homebrew developers from helping out the Misses. Carl Mueller Jr has taken up the reigns of porting Ms. Pac-Man over and, well, check out the video after the jump to see the results. This is not a direct arcade port, more like an enhanced edition."

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Relientk771394d ago

I have this on Atari 2600, it's fun

triverse1394d ago

Me too. I prefer Jr. Pac-Man though, bigger boards and more challenge. Still, Ms. Pac-Man is better than the horrible port of Pac-Man that Atari released.