Phil Spencer: DirectX 12 Impact Will Depend on The Game; Promises Details and Clarifies on Streaming

Today Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer is on a roll, and is continuing to respond to questions from the fans on Twitter, providing interesting details about what we can expect and what was mentioned at the Windows 10 event.

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christocolus1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Awesome. I hope Halo5, Gears4, TR, Rares ips, Quantumbreak and Scalebound all get to benefit from DX12. Hopefully we will know more at Build and E3.

Foehammer1276d ago

2015 is looking better and better on X1

4Sh0w1276d ago

He's just answering questions, don't see anything significant that we don't already know= DX12 will improve some future games performance depending what kind of game it is and on how devs take advantage of it. How much will it improve games on X1...thats the question and of course he didnt say. Nothing new here.

XBLSkull1276d ago

An article simply based on copy/paste of Phil Spencer's twitter feed. In related news, DualShockers hits an all time low.

denawayne1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

I'm not going to say "I told you so" but I've had faith in the Xbox One since before the reveal in 2013. Look at my history. I said it before and I'll say it again, the PS4 has done what it has done on pure hype. Now, before you fanboys get your panties in a bunch, because we all know you were buying the PS4 anyways, I'm talking about all the Xbox 360 owners jumping ship because the PS4 is megatons more powerful than the Xbox One (which is still to be determined).

The Xbox One is an awesome machine. Yeah, I said it, it's AWESOME. If you don't agree with me, all the power to you. Your loss. It's only going to get better. Peace.

SCW19821276d ago

Nothing is to be determined. The PS4 IS A MORE POWERFUL CONSOLE! That being said Xbox is doing some awesome things lately and I hope they keep this momentum through out the life cycle of the console. Both companies have awesome things planned. People are fooling themselves though if they think software can make up for hardware power.

gfk3421276d ago

Phil's answer is in relation to Windows 10 event and more specifically with PC games.

With respect to X1 Phil already said that DX12 will not bring massive changes to X1 games.

Lenrulesdaworld1276d ago

correct massive no, a change yes, how significant to be determined but he said better fps and graphics.

gfk3421276d ago


Could you please provide the source in which Phil stated that X1 will have better graphics and fps?

I don't remember Phil saying that...

TheXgamerLive1275d ago

Just think of what Crytech could do with this. Now they just need some storytellers in place:)

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hello121276d ago

Phil has opened the floodgates and there is going to be lot of debate what Microsoft knew and held back. Look at the question asked its a megaton.

From twitter and Neogaf are discussing it now puzzled they are lol.

[email protected] hey phil huge fan.If dx12 requires new hardware for all tweaks to be present how will the x box 1 have full dx12 care to elaborate.

Phil Spencer we knew about directx12 when we build the x box 1.

My god has Phil just confirmed the hardware inside the x box 1 is different to what people believed. It was custom build for directx12 it seems to be if that tweet is not a mistake, because it was confirmed after the Microsoft confernce to have full directx12 a new GPU will be needed. Whatever has gone on the GPU may have been tweaked during the design process of the x box 1?

Eonjay1276d ago

No, they know about Direct X 12 because its Microsoft. How could he not know? I don't think there is a grand mystery here.

gfk3421276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )


Wait! Are you MisterX? Because you sure sound like him...

Nekroo911276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Completely delusional this guy...

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra said in a press meeting following the Windows 10 event that you will need a new graphics card to get “the full benefits” of DirectX 12.

“There will be DX 11.1 cards that take advantage of a lot of the driver and software tech that we’re bringing in Windows 10, but if you want the full benefits of DX12, you’re going to need a DX12 card,” he said.

Xbox one uses a dx 11.2 gpu final, it wasnt custom build for dx 12 he only said he knew when he buildt it thats why it can be upgraded some features to dx 12

both gpus based on the Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture, and thus support OpenGL 4.3, OpenCL 1.2, and Direct3D 11.2.

Phil said @markmccreary @ExploderMouse We'll give more detail on this so people understand the specifics.
1:31 AM - 24 Jan 2015.

He will tell what features of dx 12 the console will support

PS. see the difference use facts from statements dont bring stupid assumptions in here, we dont need more retard and clearly you dont understand anything what dx 12 does.

BTW the xbox was released in 2013, they were still working in dx 12, hell they still are...only 900 series support full dx 12 and the specs arent even finalized

Eonjay1276d ago

Remember when DX11.2 was all the rage?

BG115791276d ago

Well we still should be waiting to DX12 and compare how is this going to improve games on Multiplateforms to actually see how it benefits gaming. If it's true than, games should be a lot better on the Xbone...
Strangely only exclusive games for the Xbone have being announced to get better with DX12...

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Godz Kastro1276d ago

MS is at an all time high right now. The windows 10 conference was a grand slam. Especially with Hololens. I have to say there are few times tech has made my jaw drop. That is one of them.

denawayne1276d ago

My 8 year old daughter has been asking me when Hololens comes out since they revealed it. That Minecraft stuff is going to sell millions.

Godz Kastro1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )


My nephew lost his mind when I explained it to him and showed him video.

He started brainstorming on some cool ideas. Future designer maybe :)

Man, he almost cried when I told him we have to wait... Haha.

Don't tell him anything but I almost cried when MS told me I have to wait :'(

qwerty6761276d ago

yeah funny i saw that hololens ad before watching a youtube video and decided to click on it

was already past 7m views, seems like theres a lot of buzz surrounding it.

MeliMel1276d ago

My jaw is still on the

Kingscorpion19811276d ago

My PC is ready for direct X12.

gameon19851276d ago

Whep I guess you Sony fans can stop with the it's only for pc crap. Like I said Phil was the Guy who said Gears was done and then bought it and made a studio mostly dedicated to the ip.

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