Who Are The Best Developers In The Gaming Industry?

FilmGamesEtc writes:
"Within the last decade, we got a huge amount of great games. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 really pushed the console games further than ever before. We got games that we never expected like Skyrim, Fallout, the Assassins Creed series along with Mass Effect and The Last of Us, all of which are AAA games made by great developers with great innovation for the industry. The question is: who does it best?"

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DarkOcelet1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Naughty Dog\Kojima.. Best Single Player experiences
R*... Best Open world Simulator games
CD Projeckt ... Best New Studio
Media Molecule.. Best Creative Studio
Sony Santa Monica ... Best Action games
From Software ... Best Challenging RPG games
Epic Games... Best Competitive multiplayer games
Bethesda.. Best Open World RPG Games
Rocksteady.. Best Comic Book game adaptation
Ubisoft... Best Marketing of Overhyped Repititve games
Valve... Steam, nuff said
Activision... Best Cash Grab Same Game different Paint
EA... Best Bad Decision Makers and DLC endings
Capcom... Best Worst locked DLC On Disc
Square Enix... Best Disappointing every fan out there
Telltale... Best Adventure games
Platinum Games... Best Fast action paced 5 hours games

Bigpappy1271d ago

Bethesda! By a mile and then some.

zeee1271d ago

Here is my list:


You get the idea hehe

miyamoto1271d ago

Naughty Dog - Uncharted
Media Molecule-Tearaway
Shigeru Miyamoto-A Link to the Past/Super Metroid
Treasure - Gunstar Heroes
Sega AM1- Virtua Fighter
Sonic Team - Sonic the Hedgehog
Music Yuzo Koshiro - Streets of Rage/Shinobi
Squaresoft+Enix+Akira Toriyama- Chrono Trigger

DarkOcelet1271d ago

Am i the only one who loved Chrono Cross much more than Chrono Trigger? Why do i get the feeling fans of Trigger hate Cross so much.

Magnus1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Old Sega
Squaresoft before they became SquareEnix
Old Rare
Naughty Dog
Old Atari
Old Capcom
Quantic Dream

These are my faves

GokuSolosAll1271d ago

Dunno anymore. Was Hideo Kojima, Shigeru Mitamoto, ect but they're all just decent now. Need some fresh blood in the industry.

DarkOcelet1271d ago

Hideo Kojima decent? Highly disagree. The man shook the gaming world with his brilliant P.T. idea. And MGSV will surely be among the best games this gen.

Number-Nine1271d ago

Naughty Dog for sure.
Rockstar is usually solid.
Platinum games is underrated.
Kojima Productions purely for MGS.
Nintendo has been on a roll.

DarkOcelet1271d ago

And Zone of the Enders and soon Silent Hills.

Number-Nine1271d ago

Definitely. If its anything like the demo (atmosphere wise) Silents hills will be awesome

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