XP Earned 26 | Can Borderlands Compete with Destiny?

2ndFlSemantics: Returning this week as our guest is Ryan Amirault to talk about Borderlands coming to current gen, Microsoft announcing a million cool things like Holographic, Elder Scrolls Online losing its subscription but retaining the threat of pay to win like H1Z1, X-Files being resurrected and more!

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GortJester1303d ago

Is this a serious question? Borderlands has a billion times more character alone than Destiny does. The characters and story is better as well. Not even getting into the shooting elements which are more fun and the guns are more interesting.

shane_gc1303d ago

Almost everyone I've talked to, including the interview in this episode, answered with a polar opposite answer. Excluding the sarcasm, I appreciate your thoughts, even if they are highly subjective.

I tend to agree though. Borderlands is more interesting for me for a few reasons. Most notably, the amount of time needed to sink in in order to get the full experience.