Rock Band 2 - Is Free Content Better Than Creative Control

Recently we had the rumour mill churn out a song list and speculation about free DLC for Rock back 2. The battle of the bands is heating up. If the current batch of rumours are true then Harmonix are not taking the news of Guitar Hero World Tour laying down and will be releasing their entire back catalogue of content as free DLC.

Is this more value than what could be a complicated song creation system for Guitar Hero?

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Redlight3725d ago

Free content is easily better. The music creation thing is cool enough, but it'll be a novelty for most of us. The few hard core that turn out any decent stuff should be applauded, but I'd rather play 'Enter Sandman' for free thanks.

Kirstenlottesovs3725d ago

I think the Music Creation is better.. and that's solely because of the numbers! think of it this way:
Free rock band DLC: Limited to songs made by the game developers..
GH IV Music Creation: Limited to every song, ever made..

Even if they release 1000 songs for rock band, Guitar Hero IV would still have more..

jmiscavish3725d ago

You're dense if you actually think it's gonna work that way.

Do you think the Beatles or Zeppelin will let their songs be created and shared for FREE around the GH4 community? The answer is a big no.

They have problems with licensing now, imagine what will happen if they let any song ever released be created. This feature is a straw man the activision is using to create hype for their game, plain and simple.

Redlight3725d ago

I can't see music publishers allowing user created versions of their licensed music. The user created stuff will have to be original.

Also don't forget the music creator doesn't allow vocals.

mrlokievil3725d ago

Unless people have access to the master tracks user created content won't be that good. Plus, no vocals kills any user created content.

BulletToothDave3725d ago

Think about it.

1. If you want to buy Rock Band 2 then you probably own Rock Band 1 and already have the disk with all the songs. Them giving those songs to you for free means nothing.

2. If you dont own Rock Band 1 but are thinking about buying a music game, then there is no doubt that you will buy GH World Tour. It has everything Rock Band has but better and WAAAY more features. Every preview of it says it kills Rock Band. That is why they are going to give away old songs, they are trying stay relevant.

TheDude2dot03724d ago

I disagree.

1. The point is that Rock Band 2 has better and more features than Rock Band 1. Which is the whole point of buying Rock Band 2 in the first place.

2. I read this and I realized that you are not just a GH fanboy, you are a major fanboy. What preview said that GH: World Tour would be better? The commercial on Youtube? That six page preview that didn't even mention Rock Band except when it said that GH:WT would have lots of competition? Please, you need to get your facts right. Just because you have an opinion about something, it doesn't make it fact.

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