1UP Show: Too Human Preview

Matt, Jay, & Shane sit down with Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack to check out a late-game dungeon in Too Human.

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ngg123453664d ago

Then why can't I see cutscenes, or play with more than 1 other player?

QueefyB3664d ago

hey i think its because the game was optimized for the playstation 1 and back then the multitap wasnt very popular so they decided to leave 4 player multiplayer until they made the pc version

plenty a tool3663d ago

man you lot are the saddest wierdos on the net! i cant believe how many are flocking to this thread?? and lets not forget all the other negative threads that you saddos dwell in!

and if you want proof that n4g is full of rabid virgin sony fanboys, then just look at queefy b with 6 bubbles!! a rabid fanboy that appeals to so many equally sad cretins that they've upped his bubbles so he can spew more nonsense that the fanboys like to read and agree to.

very bad, and speaks ill of the saddo virgins that dwell on n4g!

Tmac3664d ago

Man Xbox just keeps gettin screwed with games.

bozobucketeer3664d ago

Haha, that statement is beyond ironic.

socomnick3664d ago

yea lol it is. Heh guess having more games and exclusives to enjoy means getting screwed. :P

Tmac3664d ago

Yeah, I guess you guys got Gears of War 2 to look forward too.

RocketRaiders3664d ago

Dude no offense to xbox owners but bad games can seriously hurt sales

MS should seriously stop spending on games like Ninja gaiden 2/blue dragon , lost odyssey and too human

just look at the ps3 fans making fun out of Too human

ChrisGTR13664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

lol dont be talkin like the ps3 is made of gold. did you already forget about lair and haze? lost oddyset and bluedragon are great games, IF you like rpgs. NG2 is also a great game. its no diffrent than ninja gaiden sigma but with more blood. who knows about to human,but im guessing its gonna metacritic at 80.

xhairs93664d ago

I see you changed your avatar?

The PS3 is not made of gold, however no amount of bad games can make up for the lack of good games to the console. NG2 scored bad, this game will score worse than an 80 on metacritic (if not just as bad as Denied Ops did). When you look at the PS3, we may not have the same amount of games, but at least the quality stands true.

(This comment does not include Multiplatform games since they can be bought for both systems.)

socomnick3664d ago

Xhairs are you trying to imply that the Xbox 360 does not have good games. Im sorry but the xbox 360 has 99 games with a metacritic above 80 and 12 games that are above a 90. While the ps3 has 57 above 80 and 5 above 90.

InMyOpinion3664d ago

They are just jealous cause they don't have RPG's on the PS3.

ChrisGTR13664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

i still remember "2008 year of the ps3" you fanboys always bragged about.lets see... R2,LBP,and thats it. thats the whole 08 line up for ps3. its nothing to brag about. socom looks like a port straight from the ps2. yea i saw the trailer, it looks like garbage.
take a look
GRAW is soo much better of a tactical squad shooter.
btw havent you noticed all the square-enix 360 exclusives coming out? last remnant, infinite undiscovery.both of those are garanteed AAA jrpgs. at this pace ff13 is more likely to show up on 360 than it is on dunno if you like jrpgs but for me these are a dream come true, and all of them on 360. so you just keep waiting for those 09 games..


Lost Odyssey is the best JRPG out there!

xhairs93663d ago

I wasn't saying that the xbox didn't have good games. That's what you inferred.

What I said was, the percentage of superior games on the PS3 vs Non-Superior is greater than that of the 360.

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DarkSniper3664d ago

Too Human looks to be a disastrous title for Xbox 360. It looks as if Microsoft hindered Silicon Knights and Dennis Dyack's true vision of the game that they had on PlayStation. Microsoft will never realize that all of their money is being wasted on useless and garbage titles that will never rival the great plethora of games available on PLAYSTATION®3


Shroomy3664d ago

Great games like Lair, Haze and of course the godly killer app RIDGE RACER 7!

Shaka2K63664d ago

LMAO microsuck should just cancell this exclusive seriously its embarrasing even for xbugs.


xxGrimLogxx3664d ago

NG2 wasn't really a flop just not very impressive for a major exclusive title. It just wasn't that much of a leap from the previous games. It was decent but fell off everyone's radar pretty quickly.

RocketRaiders3664d ago

Ninja gaiden 2 sold less than Haze and Lair
hour of victory , wartech, vampire rain, ninety nine knights are bigger flops than anything out there

alone in the dark, operation darknesss are just disasters on xbox 360.

PoSTedUP3664d ago

i can say the same thing for haze.

@ 1.1- lair? like the game that has 150 dragons in the air and like 200 people on the ground all doing different animations wile you can walk on the ground and fly in the air and fight them all. that kind of flop? funny how you dont see games on the 360 come any where near the dynamics of lair or resistance. cmon you've never seen as much action on screen in any 360 game as HS or resistance. it just dosnt happen. but gears is badass in every way : D : P

Shroomy3664d ago

Shame the Sixaxis failed hard on it, so you couldn't interact with any of it. Developers had to bring out a "Reviewers Guide", please excuse our buggy piece of crap!

Resistance? I hardly saw that much action, not as much action as boredom I tell you that.

Silogon3664d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 is a huge disaster sales wise and for Tecmo/Microsoft because of the sheer numbers the xbox 360 has out on the market in terms of units. Millions of xbox 360's out in the world and the game just tanked.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma sold nearly 850,000 units since it came out last year and it is out preforming the xbox 360's ninja Gaiden 2 still, only on a lower install base.

Ninja Gaiden 2 was a huge disaster financially and don't let anyone tell you it wasn't.

master pain3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


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QueefyB3664d ago

wow you can tell the 1up guys didnt want to play with him lol

Millah3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Lol @ Denis Dyack....this guy just fails so hard. The whole fiasco at neogaf makes him look incredibly immature and stupid, and now its coming back to bite him because he can't back up any of his claims. His game is terrible and he is in denial.

Don't think this is hate against 360, this is hate against poorly designed and directed games. One thing that I really cannot stand is a developer who is too egotistical and not open to criticism. They can never become a better developer if they can't take seriously listen to feedback from those who are playing their game.

MK_Red3664d ago

The footage shown here doesn't look bad. Plus, I still have faith in Dennis even though this won't be Eternal Darkness good, I'm still pretty sure I can enjoy it.

Poor Dyack, the way he looks at the game in this vid. He's so worried and shows so much love for his baby, the Too Human.

LeonSKennedy4Life3664d ago

These guys did Eternal Darkness??? of the best survival/horror games ever made?

Polluted3664d ago

What was the appeal with Eternal Darkness? It controlled funny and it didn't look all that great. The story was interesting enough, but people talk about it like it was the second coming of video game Jesus or something.
I didn't get to play it until late in the Gamecube's lifecycle, well after I played RE4 and it just never really grabbed my attention.

Millah3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

Agreed Polluted. I thought Eternal Darkness was at least good with an interesting idea, but it wasn't all that special, certainly not the best survival horror game. Good game, nothing special about it, at least to me.

But ahahahaha OMG I can't stop laughing at Denis when he said "have you guys ever done this before" and showed him "destroying" a wall, which showcased the worst environment destruction I've seen this gen, which looked straight from N64 and animation straight from N64, and the 1up guys were just like "ooohhh wow no way" just so they didn't hurt Denis' feelings. You know every one of those guys left that day just laughing at each other and saying "that was torture trying to take Denis seriously." LOL poor Denis he really is convinced this is the single greatest game on 360.

MK_Red3664d ago

I don't know but IMO, ED is a pretty great game. Gotta find it's resident fanboy on N4G to talk with guys :D

Also, is it just me or is the 1UP crew kinda making fun of him in some scenes?

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