Rabbid bares arse in naked publicity stunt

In promoting the tennis mode in the new Raving Rabbids, Ubisoft is getting cheeky. From gameplayer:

"We were always under the impression that the Rabbids were asexual creatures, but the latest publicity shot from Ubisoft has turned that notion upside down.

"To help demonstrate the satirical nature of the game, the still shows one of the malevolent bunny creatures lifting its (her?) hemline to reveal its (his?) fluffy white arse."

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CaptainHowdy3541d ago

i'd hit dat....oh noes, beastiality! Get behind me temptations!!!

SlappingOysters3541d ago

I'd hit that bit, anyway...

Timesplitter143541d ago

If this becomes controversial, I lose faith in this world