Bestbuy is canceling new 3DS XL Majora’s Mask pre-orders in mass cancellation

Previously is was stated that if you ordered more than 1 of the Majora's Mask new 3DS then your order would be cancelled. Well get ready for round two. They are now doing a mass pre-order cancellation, even if you pre-ordered just one due to limited stock. And get this, they aren't even sending out any email confirmations!

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Agent_00_Revan1337d ago

I just got that email! NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! GDI!!

aLucidMind1337d ago

Saw that coming. Hopefully it isn't random and is just the most recent pre-orders so it is at least fair in the sense of 'first come, first serve'.

jkuli61337d ago

I had to have been one of the first few, but I got the cancellation email tonight.

Voozi1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

I pre ordered from BB the day it went live. My order confirmation email came in at 6:31 PM Eastern Time and my order hasn't been canceled...yet lol

Luckily I have a Gamestop pre-order as back up :)

Sentient5451337d ago

Never pre-order from Best Buy. I learned that lesson when they screwed me out of their retailer exclusive pre-order bonus for DCUO and then claimed they had no record of such a promotion ever existing, even after I showed them their own promotional advertisements for it.

Sgt_Slaughter1337d ago

...That has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Not nearly as bad, but when Target had the GTA V trade-ins but in the very, very fine print said you could only do it at the Mobile Target centers...

That cause so much confusion at about 5 Targets I swear they thought I was insane. They really should have let managers know people were gonna come in potentially.

tanukisuit1337d ago

I had something like that happen to me, with the Last of Us (except it was from Futureshop - which is basically BestBuy). They had an online promo where if you preordered the game, you would get a steelbook (they normally require you to preorder IN-STORE only to get any steelbook).

Anyways, so I pre-order and never got the steelbook. I contacted them twice via e-mail, called them 3x times, and even used Twitter to complain. They wouldn't budge and said "no deal ever existed".

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