Metal Gear Solid 4 Art Book Scans

TalkPlayStation:"Here's something to cast your eyes on, the Metal Gear Solid 4 Art Book that you get with the Limited Edition. This is for the people that don't have the MGS4 art book."

Check them out.

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PirateThom3693d ago

Lydall Jarvis is probably the most attractive model, EVER.

Tacki3693d ago

I have this book. It's a nice extra... however I do wish it had more pages. It's quite large in size, but I was just hoping for a bit more artwork. Maybe some early concept designs and such.

micro_invader3693d ago

What limited edition does this come with? UK, US or Japan?

Tacki3693d ago

I don't know if it's exclusive to the U.S. but that's what edition I got it with.