Striscia la Notizia, PEGI and the awful way to talk games on TV

Striscia la Notizia, one of the most influent italian broadcasts, attacks today PEGI system and GTA V, hoping that italian government will limit the diffusion of the game.

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italiangamer1274d ago

I saw this yesterday and I was ashamed. Here in Italy we have MUCH SERIOUS problems than this and our mentality about videogames is stuck like it was in the mid 90s.

3-4-51273d ago

Meanwhile the Mafia does as they please....

We know where their priorities are....we know who cuts their checks.

WMANUW1273d ago

Even against gta v, but they have other things to think? Has sold 40 million copies, fuck all. We expect gta vi more violent, more fun and more beautiful than ever.