3DS RPG Etrian Mystery Dungeon Offering Launch-Edition Bonuses - No Pre-Order Required

If you’re one of the lucky few to get your hands on a “launch edition” of Etrian Mystery Dungeon, you’ll pick up a few free bonuses with your RPG this April.

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Stevefantisy1276d ago

Who doesn't like bonus goodies?

Jacktrauma1276d ago

That's awesome! I hate that a lot of games do this "pre-order and get stuff we're gonna give away later anyway in game" I like the upfront these guys are doing.

JoeIsMad1276d ago

Yeah, it's really nice to see that some developers aren't forcing you into buying a game before someone can review it.

Hi3i1275d ago

This is what more games to do from launch.

Sentient5451275d ago

Atlus does this with almost all of their games.