Opinion: Resident Evil's Remaster and Winning New Fans

Games like Resident Evil HD Remaster might please fans with a fond memories of the original games, but more should be done to win over new fans.

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DDDGirlGamer85977d ago

Good to see it can still hold up

CorndogBurglar977d ago

Bring on the Resident Evil 2 Remaster.

I'm ready.

gantarat976d ago

i prefer Resident Evil 2 Remake than Remaster

SoapShoes977d ago

Playing this game made me remember just how good the original was and how much it blows RE4 out of the water.

Myst-Vearn976d ago

I agree it's still a great game but I wouldn't say it blows RE4 out of the water.

Ozmoses976d ago

RE4 reinvigorated the series but RE1 and RE2 are forever the ones I'll cherish above all.

_-EDMIX-_976d ago

If you didn't play this remake on GC or Wii, you clearly where not that much of RE fan to begin with.

This is easily one of the best RE's to ever release.

CorndogBurglar976d ago

Maybe they just didnt have a gamecube or wii........

Variant976d ago (Edited 976d ago )

A good example for the preference of video games of the past or previous entries of continuing series, franchises, et cetera--or new entries for that matter--not being entirely based on nostalgia.

I certainly do not think, " these were the days!" as I play through Final Fantasy VIII again--it is just a highly enjoyable game for me. I also did not think, "Why isn't this like the eighth?!" or, "This should be more like the eighth." when I played the XII trilogy of that franchise--which I enjoyed as well.

"XIII" not "XII"

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