PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets New Info About Future Updates, Difficulty and Bug Fixes

Driveclub is in contant evolution, and Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has provided today more information on the upcoming updates and bug fixes the game is going to receive.

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thejigisup1187d ago

Ps plus free version is the only thing i care about, at least give a damn demo

SoapShoes1187d ago

Rent it or find someone online willing to let you shareplay, how hard is that?

thejigisup1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Funny thing, i have well over a hundred psn friends and i find not one had played it. I don't rent games anymore since it just seems like a hassle and over priced I'm looking at gamefly on that one... shareplay is cool, but laggy if the two connections aren't stellar. Gamers were promised a ps+ edition so I'm waiting on that before i buy it. The promises that have been made haven't been kept and so far the games launch has been a disaster. Do you have a fantastic internet connection and wanna shareplay this game with me so i can make up my mind and consider this game a purchase?

No_Limit1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

maybe none of his friends has DC to share. Maybe he is not a Gamefly membership and stores like Blockbuster that rent physical games don't exist anymore and how can he fully enjoy the Amazing Glorious graphics of DC in only 720p if he somehow manage to play it through shareplay?

How hard is that for you to understand?

I am in the same boat as thejigisup, give me PSN+ version or DC might as well be dead to me as I have other racers I am enjoying right now like Mario Kart 8 and Forza Horizon 2 so there is no rush for me regarding obtaining another racer.

and thejigisup, don't bother asking SoapShoes, as he never even play DC himself.

GarrusVakarian1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

"Finally, he mentioned that the team is looking to make improvements to the overall difficulty, and adjusting future tours by making them easier"

That is bullshit. Yes, the game is hard, very hard at times, but that's part of it's appeal. It separates the boys from the men. No rewind feature, no adjustable difficulty, no forgiving AI. Why make it easier just because people are so used to having first-place handed to them in every other racer they play? Today's gamer is so used to instant-gratification and hand-holding, it;s sad to see Evo seemingly succumbing to it also.

The euphoric joy when completing an event that you've been stuck on for 30 minutes is unmatched in any other racer I've ever played. You actually feel like you have accomplished something, rather than crossing the finish line 15 seconds ahead of second-place like in every other racer I play.#

No_Limit1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


"It separates the boys from the men. No rewind feature, no adjustable difficulty, no forgiving AI. Why make it easier just because people are so used to having first-place handed to them in every other racer they play?"

You don't speak for everyone else as some people like my cousin like to play a game like Forza easy and have option to fit his preferences and play style but I play it totally different with amping the difficulty up, tune my own car, and use no assist. Nothing wrong with more option. So if game A has options to fit your desire level of play and you making it just as hard as a game that only has a hard difficulty, what is the problem that you are alluding to?

And if you play and challenge other racers online in Forza Horizon 2, there is no option for rewind and the AI is human competition. I must had played over 30 hours of Forza Horizon 2 online and I only manged to finish first like 5 times out of the hundreds of races I had played so far so your chance of winning depend of practice, skill, and how good the competition is.

SoapShoes1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

You people and you dumb excuses, I said find someone online. Ask around here or at some other forums. Waa I don't like to rent, waa I find renting so inconvenient. I gave you two alternatives that are just as good as the PS Plus demo so if you can't put the damn effort into it then you probably don't care enough to play it and thus wasting everyone's time.

GarrusVakarian1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

@No Limit

Then your cousin can stick with Forza. Get gud or get rekt.

Just kidding. For real, though...the devs shouldn't be changing the very nature of game because of a whining minority of gamers who aren't good enough to complete some of the races.

There are other ways to remedy this without actually making the races themselves easier. For example - decreasing the amount of stars required to enter the tours. That way, people who aren't good enough can still finish tours due to them not needing to earn as many stars, and the people who are good enough can earn every star for every event.

Rimeskeem1187d ago

I highley recommend gamefly. Not only is the renting easy and useful but you can also get games at discounted prices. Ex. I can buy dying light for 45$ the day it releases.

Buzz7S1187d ago

So that's your solution to a promised launch title, which got delayed for months and was still broken when released?

Oner1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

You really can tell who has a PS4 (or pretends to) and who doesn't around there is a very simple way of finding someone who has DriveClub (even if your friends don't have it) and that would most likely be willing to SharePlay it with you ~ just use/select Live from PlayStation and ask the person broadcasting via Twitch or Ustream if they would be nice enough to do so. Problem solved.

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shodai1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Im willing to shareplay with u, but just know that it will be the first time Im shareplaying so I might not know how to do it at first.

Shodaisd is my PSN name, add me and u will see driveclub in all of its greatness.

@No_limit, u can add me on PSN and I will shareplay with u too

No_Limit1187d ago

Thanks bro..definitely will add you to my friendlist when I get home later on. I see you have 15 platinium trophies and a 50 plus percent completion rate for the game so you seems to really enjoy the game.

shodai1187d ago


I have 6 platinums in this account including driveclub. right it exactly as I said. and u will find me

Svinya1187d ago

Thank God Abriel told us that DriveClub is ps4 exclusive. I've been going mad trying to find it for my xbox.


All hail Abriel, master of clickbait titles and job listings.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1187d ago

Can anyone give me tips on how to beat the venom hot lap?

TheSaint1187d ago

it's £20 on the store, just buy it it's so cheap right now.

TheSaint1186d ago

Lol, how can people disagree with facts? Some people are just chumps I guess.

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spacedelete1187d ago

unless its to do with the free + version i don't want to hear anything from Evolution.

Locknuts1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

60fps update? I wish the PS4 was able to manage 60fps with driveclub visuals. The lack of responsiveness isn't worth it.

PersonMan1187d ago

Driveclub does not lack responsiveness. If you played it, you'd know that.

Locknuts1187d ago

I have and it does. If you weren't so biased you might notice it.

GarrusVakarian1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )


You're either lying, or you play nothing but 60fps games, resulting in you being much more sensitive to the change in responsiveness that 30fps brings, because DC does not feel unresponsive.

Go play GTA V, then you'll see the meaning of unresponsive controls. It's nothing to do with being biased. I love GTA V and I still point out it's flaws. If DC felt unresponsive I would say so and whine about i on the forums like I did with GTA V.

Even Digital Foundry picked up on how responsive the game feels to play:

"Controller response feels zippy and consistent throughout, carefully avoiding the heavy feel present on some 30fps racing games."

GarrusVakarian1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

I play DC everyday, and trust me, it's very responsive. I also finished Wolfenstein recently, which is 60fps, and while DC doesn't feel quite as responsive as that game (which is only natural for a 30fps game), it doesn't feel anywhere near as bad as other 30fps games I've played. I didn't get the jarring unresponsiveness from switching between the two games.

DC and FH2 are probably the most responsive 30fps games I've ever played, and coincidentally they're both racers.

You should give it a go, I think it may surprise you.

1187d ago
jukins1187d ago

Hmm have you played driveclub? It definitely does not lack responsiveness. Sometimes, and I know it's due to going fast but, it seems to responsive and the slightest correction can end your race. I was skeptical about 30fps racing being able to be responsive and have a great sense of speed but they pulled it off with driveclub

Clunkyd1187d ago

I hate to have your mentality thinking nothing is worth playing if its not 60fps+

Sucks that youre going to miss out on a lot of AAA exclusives.

memots1187d ago

So 90% of games last game were "unresponsive" by your standard. People are so full of it. This l33t attitude is going to kill the industry. "gamez not 60fps" demands refunds . Complete refund doesn't go far enough, Entitlement is incredible.

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PersonMan1187d ago

In the voice of Mike Tyson "Driveclub is a contant evolution"

sprinterboy1187d ago

Great game but some tours are very hard, hooebtheybdont make it too easy though. Simply a stunning racer and my number 1 racer of all time arcade style, gt still number 1 for sim.

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