Beautiful 3D Adventure Game “Silence” Now Coming to PS4

Coming out of Hamburg, Germany in late 2015, a beautiful new adventure awaits you on PlayStation 4 as Silence is officially announced for the home console. Already slated for the PC, Xbox One and Mac, this ties up any loose ends from potential consumers missing out on the wonderful visuals and storytelling.

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Stevefantisy1123d ago

I loved the first game. This one looks great.

Magnus7011123d ago

I wonder if they went with Xbox One first because of the parity clause that doesn't allow certain games to be release on multiple platforms without being released on the Xbox first.

JoeIsMad1123d ago

I didn't even consider that, but does that include concurrent launches?

wolfiegirl9101123d ago

You make a good point. You know there's a reason why it's being released now after it was released to Xbox one first. They always have an angle!!

Dhampir1123d ago

Yet several indie games came out on PS4 before XBox One. Sony has their own 'parity clause'.

Magnus1123d ago

I had to read the article there for a sec I thought someone did a LBP version of FF9 lol the pic looks like Garnett. But this silence game sounds alright I wonder if they will include the first game along with the release of this title.

Jacktrauma1123d ago

First one was amazing and it looks like this one won't disappoint either :)

Hi3i1123d ago

This looks great for what it is.

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