Easy and Normal mode – an injustice to yourself as a hardcore gamer?

TVGB: "I'd like to be challenged by a game and not feel like I am just going through the motions to see the story. And in a lot of games, I usually don't care about the story, unless it is truly of award-winning quality. What I really want to get out of a game, more than just seeing what lies at the end (which is often disappointing), is to feel like I accomplished something that most people can't."

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NO_PUDding3515d ago

Strange media that has a difficulty to it.

I Play on Normal and if I had to only replay some arts a small amoutn of times, or I feel i got hold of the reigns, then I will try hard.

But it really doesn't matter to me, I generally try to slog through it, as if I am goign to review, which is probabaly pretty bad. Even for epic games like MGS4. I never spare myself any, I am greedy, so I work through it in a matter of days.

QueefyB3515d ago

hey why are you making fun of xbox 360 players so what if they only play games in easy mode

Mc Fadge3515d ago

I do Easy, then Hard :3

Harry1903514d ago

writer's definition of a 'hardcore' gamer. I consider myself to be a hardcore gamer (own and play a lot of games,especially obscure and niche) but that doesn't mean I must play on hard. It feels less rewarding and due to the fact that I am not a 'gifted' gamer,it might frustrate me a lot.

Has anyone tried playing The Bourne Conspiracy on normal mode?
I had to complete it on trainee difficulty.

Easy or normal for me...very rarely hard.

kazuma3514d ago

thumbs up!

yeah this whole idea of "hardcore" is messed up with the kids these days. oh i finished gears of war in hardcore, i'm HARDCORE! ........NOT.
i totally agree with ur definition of hardcore (having a large collection of games, playing all types of genres). i mean, why should i play something in hard if it doesn't probably even reward me? in a game like mgs4 i did every single game mode from easy to extreme (first time was normal). why? because the first playtrough i can just appreciate the game, then go to the easy ones just for fun, messing around with the guards (less of them) and go all the way up so i can earn some new guns. now why should i beat gears of war more than once? because it unlocks an achievement that says "Completed Act 1 on Hardcore"? sorry no way that's gonna happen.

now before u start replying or doing whatever crz stuff u do, do not make this a stupid ps3/360 flame war just because i mentioned mgs4 and gears of war. (yeah like anyone's gonna pay attention to this)

LastDance3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

bubbles man..very true.

Ive been playing games since Sega master system and I very rarely play on the hardest difficulty setting and sometimes i dont even play it on hard.

LastDance3514d ago

This is a funny little topic....I like to be challenged...BUT if im just replaying the same parts over and over and over and over (Like ninja gaiden ((or so im told))) I simply dont have fun.

Storyline is definatly what drives me. But i know for a fact that some people are quite the opposite. It's kind-of a personal thing..i dont like to spend alot of time mastering a video game(unless its a form of strategy)

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