2015 is Truly the Greatest Year for PC Gamers

MyGameMag: 2015 is most likely the greatest year for PC gamers, as some of the greatest games are coming to the PC platform including some sequels from the biggest video game franchises as well. Here i’ve listed 7 of the most awaited video games of 2015 for PC, you can have a look below.

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ABizzel11030d ago

2015 is a great year for all gamers, and possibly one of the greatest years in gaming EVER.

blitz06231030d ago

It certainly benefited from all the delays - The Order, The Witcher 3, Batman AK

SolidStoner1030d ago

and GTA5, BF hardline... list goes on for sure

Exari1029d ago

arent all these games multiplats? except for black desert.

Anthotis1029d ago

Delays suck.

Microtransactions and DLC that should've been in the game to begin with also suck.

2015 will be a hideous year for games.

Magicite1030d ago

not so great for our bank cards though :D

ApolloTheBoss1030d ago

Best year since 2011 that's for damn sure.

TrollsBringer1029d ago

People have said this for all years.

JsonHenry1029d ago

So many things missing from this list for PC gamers.

Star Citizen, Lost Ark (western release), E.Q.: Next... the list goes on. This is just a bunch of multi-plats for the most part.

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WeAreLegion1030d ago

It's probably the best year in a long time for every gamer.

TheBurger291030d ago

Its something that is definitely needed after last years delays and blunders. With such great line ups for both consoles and pc its ought to be a year to remember!

camel_toad1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

You aren't kidding especially about blunders. 2014 was the year of broken letdowns.

I cant wait for all of the games this year that didnt have publishers forcing them to put out unpolished games. I hope other publishers paid attention to ubisoft's poop-filled mishaps.

TheLastColossus1030d ago

Possibly the best year since 2009.

buckfuddy1029d ago

why 2009 was the best year ? :S

extermin8or1029d ago

Well I remember several games including Assassins Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, Uncharted 2, Infamous. Fallout 3 (I think? or was it New Vegas?)

nowitzki20041029d ago (Edited 1029d ago )

For me I dont remember exactly when but I think 2007.

Team Fortress 2
The Orange Box
The Witcher
Super Mario Galaxy
Assassins Creed
Rock Band
Uncharted 1

Mass Effect
Forza 2
God Of War 2

HammadTheBeast1030d ago

That game Black Desert seems very interesting.

wtopez1030d ago

I can't be the only one thinking that 2014 was an AMAZING year for PC. Especially with RPGs. Maybe because of the lack of big, bombastic "cinematic experience" type games, games like Wasteland 2 and Divinity Original Sin gathered a lot more well-deserved attention. Also Elite Dangerous.

But yeah, 2015 holds a lot of promise apart from the games on this list. The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight, maybe Star Craft LotV?

SouljAx3601030d ago

I had a lot of fun in 2014 in gaming for sure. It seems to be popular opinion that it was "boring" but I had no problem keeping myself entertained with the games that were released last year.

Ark_1029d ago

PC and WiiU combo was good 2014. And it was an AMAZING year for marketing.

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The story is too old to be commented.