Hatred pre-order availability delayed until next week

GameZone: "Destructive Creations' controversial shooter Hatred was supposed to be come available for pre-order this week. In fact, the developer had a whole release "pack" put together with a new trailer and everything. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer before we can buy the game or see the trailer. Both have been delayed due to problems with the digital shop."

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SaveFerris1305d ago

I'd almost forgotten about this game.

filchron1305d ago

this will not ignite any positive press for gaming in any scenario, please get this through your heads you dumb polack developers (i can say that being half polish) have a nice day.

001305d ago

I should gamers care what a bunch of outsiders thinks.

jambola1302d ago

1, they're not trying to ignite any positive press, so it doesn't make them dumb not to care about that
2,if you can say polack anybody can, it doesn't matter if you're polish, half polish or anything, you calling them polacks is the same as me calling you a polack

filchron1301d ago

Uh, but they are with a game premise so stupid and controversial after a wake of recent school shootings. think about what youre saying..

jambola1300d ago

? they are what? trying to ignite positive press?
what does this have to do with school shootings? it's not in a school.
How is the game premise stupid? you might not lie it, it maybe be controversial, bu that doesn't make it stupid.
And i'm thinking very well about what I say, perhaps you should read what i said more carefully

Psychotica1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

With AO rating I wonder if Twitch will allow streaming it or YouTube for that matter