15 Wii Games That Deserve A Second Chance On The E-Shop

NE: "The Metroid Prime Trilogy was only produced in North America for four months and 17 days. Originally released in 2009 as an updated collection of the three Metroid Prime games, it went out of production almost immediately. It became very valuable: it now goes for nearly ninety dollars on Ebay. Yet on January 29th we’ll be able to buy it for just ten dollars. As a result, tons more people will get to play a terrific set of games they may not have been able to afford before."

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1336d ago
JacketsNest1011336d ago

It's good to see Arc Rise Fantasia on this list. While the voice acting deserves the hate it gets, the game is actually read good.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1336d ago

Arc Rise Fantasia need to come to eshop

Segata1336d ago

In the US we never got Another Code R,Disaster Day of Crisis and Project Zero II remake. Since htey are in English be nice to release them on E-shop

jayzablade1336d ago

Another Code was ok but was better suited to the 3DS in my opinion!
Disaster was good, I thoroughly enjoyed that but never played Project Zero, come to think of it....I don't even recall hearing about it!!

Locknuts1336d ago

Forget Wii games. Get me Gamecube games. I can play Wii discs as it is.

TX8001335d ago

well i still think xenoblade should be on eshop for two reasons. 1 i don't collect games so im not going to spend 150 dollars on amazon or ebay for a game that i can just download for 49.99 or cheaper second. nintendo you owe alot of people a chance to play xenoblade because many are looking at xenoblade Chronicles not knowing there was a wii version.

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