Phil Spencer Promises Xbox One Will Still Have Exclusives;Expects More Cross-Play Games in 2015&More

Microsoft announced two days ago that Fable Legends will feature cross-play multiplayer between Xbox One and PC, but apparently there are more games coming this year with that feature, as mentioned by Xbox Division Head Honcho Phil Spencer on Twitter, who also talked about gold requirements on PC, system requirements, his favorite PS4 game and more.

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AngelicIceDiamond1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Phil's is an incredible boss always love reading his tweets.

Can't wait to hear more games get announced with cross play with PC. I'm hoping for indies games cross play as well as AAA cross play.

Battlefront crossplay would be HUGE. E3 everyone cross fingers.

Its gonna be nice chit chatting with PC fans and playing with them. So glad Phil and his team are finally uniting PC and console.

I feel like we're finally putting that what seemed like that never ending war finally to rest. And making steps to unify the gaming indutry and put a end to this ridiculous console wars.

That war has been raging for far, far FAR too long. hopefully PC and console fans can get along chat and game together in peace.

There's tons more work to do obviously but PC and console are finally making some rather unespectedly big step in making PC and console gamers shakehands will be drinking buddies at this rate.

Dream come true this is much bigger than we're taking it.

Also wanna add can't wait to hear more about WIN 10 features on X1 announced later this year. That should be big and further bridge the gap between PC and consoles.

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christocolus1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

well said bro. the guy is awesome. he always answers most of my questions . what a great exec. he is truly committed. the part about tombraider sounds exciting, cant wait to hear what he has to say...hopefully he tells us about scalebound and rares upcoming ip too. i also think KI will be ported to windows10 and will feature cross-play

u got owned1303d ago

I have the feeling that H5 will be cross play.

OpieWinston1303d ago

Back in 2010 MS pulled the plug on Cross plat experiences for Shadowrun/Unreal Tournament 3 and other games.

Because Shooters cross play is a bad idea. They tested it and it had massive gaps that was noticeable.

So your feeling better be sarcastic.

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tuglu_pati1303d ago

So if XBO ussually had 2-3 exclusives a year is safe to say they have even less now, i would say from 1-2 exclusives. Now more than ever there is no reason for having an XBO.

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Magicite1303d ago

so he had to tell that xbox will still have exclusives? isnt that like self-explanatory anyway?

Kavorklestein1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Yes, most of us already know this, but I have a feeling he just said it to so there's more of an OFFICIAL statement to let the "We haz more exclusivvez on PS4 in 2015" crowd that MS isn't just sitting around on their butts.<-- on topic

Rant--> I always wonder why People are always going on and on about the PS4's 2015 exclusives. As far as AAA games, all 3 systems have good line-ups.

The Order and Uncharted DO look amazing, but other than that, I don't see any MUST-HAVES, at least for me and my tastes. That's not an insult, that's a compliment for The Order and UC4.

But! Don't forget that the REAL reason the the Order is even coming out in 2015 is because it was delayed. Not because "Oohh 2015 line up is so much moar bettarz!" But because 2014 wasn't a realistic year to release the game. Ready at Dawn wanted to push their game even further than before, and graphically speaking- it's paying off in the long run.

So- don't get a developer's delay to improve their product confused with 2015 being all about Sony.
This game was supposed to be out already- meaning 2015 now looks better for exclusives on PS4, but the trade off is 2014 was a little weaker for PS4 over-all instead.

I'm not hating either- I WANT the order to be good, I KNOW Uncharted 4 will be great. Bloodborne is a giant no-thanks- I've been there, done that Just with less pretty gfx and different weapons etc.. I'm sure people feel the same way about shooters sometimes, and for me, hack and slash and some rpg's like Dark Soul's type games get stale faster than most shooters do. That's the great thing about have our own personal tastes.
So- no hate- I'm just offering a different viewpoint on the 2015 exclusive debate.

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TheJacksonRGN1303d ago

Glad to know Xbox will be doing more cross-play. At least with PC. Last game I can think of them allowing that was Shadowrun back in 07.

Team_Litt1303d ago

*Rise* of the Tomb Raider Abriael.

SaveFerris1303d ago

What about Phantom Dust?

DarkOcelet1303d ago

I think he meant, will it have Crossplay also or what?

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