The Elder Scrolls Online: Now You have My Attention

Dropping subscriptions fees is the best move for everyone, including Bethesda.

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Alexious1271d ago

It's almost guaranteed that they will make more money this way.

Lastlivingsoul1271d ago

Agreed, I was just talking with co-workers today, and five us are planning on picking this up day one for console release now that there aren't monthly fees. To be honest, I don't even really mind microtransactions, dlc and free to play (within reason), I get it, but I will never pay a monthly fee to play any one game.

spaceg0st1270d ago

Myself and 2 friends will now pick this up on the console for sure.

DougLord1270d ago

Guys you HAVE to retry this game. Beta SUCKED. But I've been playing again for the last 3 days and it is mind blowing. Best gameplay, nest story and best GFX of any MMORPG and I've played WOW, LOTR, Conan and several others.

1270d ago
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