Elder Scrolls Online Targeting [email protected] On PS4&XB1; More Info Revealed In AMA

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will target [email protected] on both consoles. This was revealed during a developer AMA along many other things.

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kaiserfranz1218d ago

Hopefully frame rate will be locked to 30 even in large PvP battles

Imp0ssibl31218d ago

I'm gonna get it for PS4 at launch, already got a pair of friends to play with!

PlayableGamez1218d ago

Why? This game is poop and you have to pay for a subscription.

Lilrizky1218d ago

You need to catch up on some gaming news

Skate-AK1218d ago

It's going to be F2P. You can buy a membership and it just gives you extra stuff.

Alexious1218d ago

You're wrong on both accounts.

Wizard_King1218d ago

30 FPS is never smooth, they just over use motion blur to cover it up.

Aurenar1218d ago

Less fps = more quality, right?

Alexious1218d ago

More graphical quality, in theory at least.

LavaLampGoo1218d ago

Shiny shiny Tamerial. A lot more interested in this since subs were cut.

kaiserfranz1218d ago

I bet most console folks weren't very interested, but they might be now

xActionBasturdx1218d ago

So ESO subs were cut...might actully have to look into this now but before, at least from the gameplay I have seen a sub wasn't worth it

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The story is too old to be commented.