Five Games From Last Fall That Would Have Sold Better in Early 2015

"If you've been wondering why there aren't any awesome new games to play in the very beginning of 2015, it wouldn't be difficult to find a few titles you likely missed towards the end of the Fall season. While most of the biggest new video game software arrives at the end of the year for holiday shopping and the general change in weather, a few of them should have dropped in January. Or February... Or hell, March could use a little attention too."

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nitrogav1153d ago

Anybody know what the sale figure is for Driveclub ? . I love the game by the way , just keeps getting better and better .

medman1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I think DriveClub is selling better than expected considering the disastrous launch. It was the best selling exclusive in the UK for 2014, besting the likes of Infamous Second Son, Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon, TLOU Remastered, Titanfall, etc. etc. etc. So pretty darn good if the UK is any indication. Plus, I think DriveClub has gotten alot of traction based on word of mouth and the improvements, especially the weather update and price drop, that swayed alot of people to buy the game once the online was fixed.

Gran Touring1153d ago

i think they're over a million at this point.