Final Fantasy XV Director Talks About Resolution and Frame Rate Targets, Demo Contents and More

During a Reddit AMA focused on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Director Hajime Tabata gave more information on FFXV.

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Snookies121301d ago

Oh heck yes! Crisis Core HD would be phenomenal!

richierich1301d ago

I totally agree! I would love a remastered edition instead of a HD upgrade though

hkgamer1300d ago

That's the biggest problems with PSP games. Environments are too flat and boring.

Crisis core would take too long to remake so I just prefer a HD upgrade like type-0.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1301d ago

Yes especially if it's the level of HD treatment that FF Type-0 is getting.

Kurisu1301d ago

I would buy it in a heartbeat! Would be interesting to see a Before Crisis remake as well seeing as it's the only entry in the compilation of FFVII that didn't make it to the West.

Summons751301d ago

Happy to hear FF6 was influential in the development of this game. Best game in the series and doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Snookies121301d ago

I don't know about that, I tend to see it getting all types of credit for being the best in the series.

I agree though, VI was definitely my favorite. That game was magical.

WeAreLegion1301d ago

VI and IX both deserve more love.

F0XHOUND1301d ago

IX is so awesome. I wish to see a new FF title set in a similar world. Something fantasy based and full of character :) maybe I'm getting old, but all of this realism is lacking in charm!

VI is one of my fave games ever though...

Eiyuuou1301d ago

People are all like "Give us a FFVII HD remake", and I'm just hoping for a IX remake...

SugarSoSweet1300d ago

The game will play or look NOTHING like FF6 they're just saying that to generate hype and interest of Nostalgia don't let them trick you

Summons751300d ago

It doesn't have to play or look like it but the story was brilliant, the characters were amazing, the world was awesome. If they are taking inspiration from the best game in the series then that could only lead to good things for the game.

Ikki_Phoenix1300d ago


its the best game of the series FOR YOU
the majority say FF7 and for me it is too

F0XHOUND1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Crisis Core HD.... on par with type 0's level of work..... damn, I'd sell my *ass for 15 weeks if need be to make it happen!

*selling apples Sarah selected aka Ass.... jeez you guys.... gotta explain it all!!!

HeartlessGamer1301d ago

Crisis Core HD for PS3, PS4 and Vita would be awesome

_-EDMIX-_1300d ago

Could happen and is legit very,very likely.

jambola1300d ago

jumping confirmed
i'm happy now