Analysts: Call of Duty sales down year-over-year — but it still did better than expected

GamesBeat spoke with analysts that found the game surged in December, which helped it outdo Wall Street's expectations. But it is still selling worse than Ghosts.

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Tolkoto1302d ago

I'm not usually a fan of the series, but I enjoyed Advanced Warfare.

XanderZane1302d ago

Yeah, I got CoD:AW as well, but completely skipped CoD:Ghost and the BlackOps games. It's obvious that sales will continue to decline because they are finding it hard to innovate the games over the previous versions. Plus they are releasing this games every year instead of every other year, which would be better.

midnightambler1302d ago

First COD game I've been tempted to buy for a long time.

I didn't.

Summons751302d ago

Good, the series needs to go away even for a couple years at least.

Donnywho1302d ago

I've been gone since BlackOps2 but if they want to take it back to the world warring days, they'd get me back and millions more.

Satyre281302d ago

Advanced Warfare is actually a really damn good game. If you are into FPS and you havent bitten yet its definitely worth the purchase, dont let the COD name phase you because it truly is a fantastic title. The only thing that truly let me down was the server issues, it for some stupid reason is not running on dedicated servers like it always has especially on Xbox Live.

porkChop1302d ago

COD has always been P2P on consoles.

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