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"It feels awfully good to be bad. Tactical role-playing game Blackguards 2 understands that letting out those inner demons to play a villain can be one of the most cathartic things about playing a game. In this case, Daedalic Entertainment taps right into the evil vein with a deliciously dark tale that glories in such black-hatted pastimes as taking slaves, okaying battlefield massacres, and hanging prisoners as a cost-effective alternative to feeding them. This unrelentingly grim plot personality is further enhanced with smart game mechanics and devious (if a little plodding) combat that offers challenges both on the battlefield and when tricking out your anti-heroes. Gimmick and gameplay are blended into a satisfying mix that comes out as a unique concoction equal to much more than the sum of its parts, especially if you occasionally like to walk on the dark side."

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