Square Enix Explains Lack of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Multiplayer

Online multiplayer was "too difficult" to carry over into the upcoming HD remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0, Square Enix has admitted.

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ps4gamer19831271d ago

Too difficult? Wow. Lame.

Solidus891271d ago

Agreed. How can it be too difficult to include functionality on new gen that was on PSP?

Cha0tik1271d ago

I believe them. They used Adhoc for the Multiplayer in the PSP version. They would have had to revamp the way the multiplayer worked which would mean more development time as well as more testing. Changing from Adhoc (which is local PSP to PSP wireless multiplayer for those who don't know) would be had to change to a single console local multiplayer or even harder if they made it a Network feature because that would be something entirely new to work on.