The Rare Destiny Gun That Nobody Seems To Have

"This week, hard mode launched for Destiny's Crota's End raid. Along with tougher enemies and lightly remixed battles, hard mode brought the opportunity to win a number of cool new guns. But the rarest of them, a rifle called Necrochasm, appears to be mysteriously missing in action."

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Gh05t1218d ago

Destiny loot drops are crap... this has been known for a while.

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hasamalaha1218d ago

Just shows how many people are playing this game. 3,344,124 characters went into Crota hard mode in a single day.

BootyBandit1217d ago

Beat it several times already.
I love the game. I have it on in the background right now. Just got done leveling up my new weapons from the raid. Already looking forward to Tuesday so I can get more loot from the raid.

Allsystemgamer1218d ago

I can't get it Cuz I can't raid. Very few of my friends have a ps4 or the time to organize it. It's needs matchmaking.

Studio-YaMi1218d ago

Yeah seriously,the most stupid thing they did was making raid and other modes only "join-in"! they seriously need to fix that and make you either choose "join" OR "matchmaking".

That is one of the MAJOR reasons I don't play the game anymore,I need better gear and I can't do harder missions alone with my crappy gear,can't even level-up.

Lots of my friends have a PS4,but they are just not into Destiny or FPS genre in general.

Cra2yey31218d ago

It's so easy to go on forums, post like you did here and ask for 5 ppl to do a raid. You ask for 5 and get 10. Jesus.

StanLee1218d ago

Yup. The forums have an entire section dedicated solely to recruiting. Take advantage of it.

Link2DaFutcha1218d ago <-- find a group pretty quick, granted matchmaking would be nice, I'm glad there isn't, there would be so many assholes leaving half way and screwing the crew. I know that can happen here too, but I've never had it happen, I do this for most every raid. Great way to meet people to do other things too.

BootyBandit1217d ago

Allsystemgamer hit me up.
PSN - BoodyBandit
I raid all the time VOG and Crota.

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