Video of an Attempted Rape in Grand Theft Auto V Emerges Online

CraveOnline: "Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V features an open-world in which random events are trigged that the player can actively involve themselves in. Often these events are a case of someone’s vehicle/purse/wallet being stolen, thus allowing the player to go and retrieve the personal belongings for the victim in exchange for a cash reward."

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SeanScythe1303d ago

Those are the crazy canibles they abduct people and eat them. Some are nude..

JaredH1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

It's also been in the game since launch. I took an in-game photo when it happened to me, over a year ago, because it was the first time I encountered a nude person in the game lol.


Dee_911303d ago

I ran them all over on accident my first go round

Lightning Mr Bubbles1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Yeah I've seen this a few times during the game. One of the guys is naked and has a penis, I thought it was kinda weird.

The first time I also got wasted because I was trying to see what was going on and then they just started shooting me. The second time I saw this, I took no chances, I pulled out my gun and killed both of them but I also killed the girl accidentally, so I still haven't been able to get it done.

Tapani1302d ago

You thought it was weird for a guy to have a penis?

Raziology1302d ago

Off topic: Shouldn't Mr. Bubbles have more than 2 bubbles? No offense intended. Just wondering.

stunkilla1297d ago

lmao your comment made me die laughing when u thought it was kina weird for a male to have a penis.

sanosukegtr1231303d ago

the right thing to do is... aiming a rocket launcher at there FACE!!

badz1491303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

and this is a problem because? I'm genuinely surprised this is popping up as news over a year after it was released. I played GTAV for the 1st time on PS4 and was caught by surprised too by this random event but I just shot them both on the crotch and saved the girl. that's a good thing right there. why does anyone wanna make this as a big issue?

Kornholic1302d ago

I suppose this has got something to do with the SJW/Anita Sarkeesian/Games Cause Misogyny -agenda.

BLAKHOODe1302d ago

Because that's what the media does. They bring up issues to spark controversy; therefore making their articles/websites/newspapers relevant. It's how they get paid. Journalism at it's finest.

the_mack_attack31297d ago

The word "rape" is in the title! People flock to click things like this the same way they click all the N4G stories that have a half naked Tekken fighter as the featured image.

d0x3601302d ago

This is clickbait crap from crave online. That scene is not an attempted rape and the only person who would assume it is is someone who hasn't played the damn game.

Its the altruist cult trying to kidnap and brainwash young people who use technology. A lot of them are nude.

It is NOT ATTEMPTED RAPE. More sensationalist nonsense from another one of these sites trying to destroy gaming. Towing that line of games cause violence, sexism and rape. When are gamers going to wake up and see the truth about what's going on? One of your hobbies is under attack. Stand up and fight before some 75 year old moron makes a law and you can't play them anymore.

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JonnyBigBoss1303d ago

NOT cool. What was Rockstar thinking?

Clown_Syndr0me1303d ago

Correction: Awesome! Respect to R* for having a pair of balls.

frostypants1303d ago

I'm not sure I get what it adds to the game. Is rape amusing to some people? Honest question...what was the point?

1303d ago
abstractel1303d ago

Nothing about GTAV is reality. It's a parody and they choose what to include. Disgusting the amount of people here that support (attempted) rape in a game.

nowitzki20041303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )


Must be a lot of people living in their moms basement that only can get laid by raping someone.

LackTrue4K1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )


so now, your either living in your mams's basement raping girls/men or you have a girl your standers.

[email protected] people doing there cock measuring online.! ha!

neoandrew1302d ago


Is killing amusing to some people? In gta you doing it the whole time.

RedDevils1302d ago

@neoandrew tell that to all COD/battelfield/CS and all shooting game fans

Raf1k11302d ago

It's attempted rape which you happen to come across while playing. The game requires you to actually help a poor woman in need. I think the other option is to drop her off with other cannibals.

It's not like there's an option to join in on the rape.

Clown_Syndr0me1302d ago

Another thing. You guys do realise this isn't even attempted rape.
If you do not intervene they kidnap her and drive off and eventually just disappear. There is no rape. Her clothes do not come off. The males genitalia does not come in contact with the woman's. At all.

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Audiggity1303d ago

Someone you know was raped and eaten by cannibals? Yeah, Rockstar is so insensitive to this growing epidemic.


ion6661303d ago

I think it's a social study. It's like youv'e been doing bad the entire game and lets see if you would help someone in need. It seems that most reactions is to actually try and save her which is't a bad thing.

abstractel1303d ago

If you had a _real_ choice, most people would do the right thing. In the Infamous series developers keep trying to get people to go evil but the majority go good. You don't have that choice in GTAV. I'm fine with people liking the game, I played it through to the end and only thing I enjoyed was the gameplay mechanics and occasionally feeling empathy for Franklin.

elninels1303d ago


No empathy for Trevor? He's mentally ill. His mother is an addict and less nurturing than a desert. He's a lost soul.

Off Topic: Second son is enjoyable, yes. However, sucker punch shouldn't be given so much credit for it's choices. Red or blue? Thats revolutionary.

(Unnecessary, possibly incendiary statement incoming)
We all know if rockstar got into the super heroes genre it would be much better than infamous.

SilentNegotiator1303d ago

"so much credit for it's choices"? Infamous ONE got flak for its 2 choice morality system.

Halo2ODST21303d ago

You know the game has Murder in it right, damn! what was Rockstar thinking allowing you to mass murder people and commit war crimes, but Rape, this is worse, you know, what's worse than rape, Attempted Rape, HOW dare Rockstar -- Sarcasm

nowitzki20041303d ago

Every game has murder. Very very few have rapes.

Some girls get raped and then murdered, should that be my goal in videogames?

elninels1303d ago


- Some guys get raped, and then murdered as well. But rape is just a woman's problem, I forgot.

- Would someone be allowed to write publish a book involving rape? What about a movie? Oh wait.

- What makes a video game so different? Specifically a video game that so often "goes there"?

- Then there is the fact that you can stop it. Is there a better way of communicating that WE are the only people that can step in when WE see something like that.

Either way we are discussing rape. This is a good thing. It means we're willing to acknowledge it. Acknowledging something is always a stepping stone to understanding and then progressing. Would we be having this discussion if rockstar had not included this in the game?

Orionsangel1303d ago

It's not meant to be anything other than another violent moment in the violent world of the game. It can be an ugly world. What's interesting is how players react to the situation. I've seen clips of this scene before and most gamers save the girl. Which goes to show you that most people in the real world have good intentions.

nowitzki20041303d ago

I agree. I love Rockstar but we dont need this. Whats next? child abductions? Child molesting? Thats the only direction I can seem them going in next.

dazzysima1302d ago

I'll go with that depending on how much gamerscore it is worth.

deafdani1303d ago

To all of you clowns criticizing the presence of rape in GTAV: do you think murder is somehow better? Because GTAV has lots and lots more murder than rape, yet I don't see you guys saying anything about THAT.


Shadowstar1303d ago

Murder isn't better, but few victims of murder are out there playing video games, you know? Plus, people know going in that there's going to be guns and explosions and killing. People with PTSD can avoid it if they need to avoid all explosions or images of death. On the other hand, a rape victim who doesn't know about a rape scene might not realize s/he needs to avoid this game to avoid triggering an episode.

I think GTA should be able to have rape in it if the devs want it to-- although I reserve the right to criticize it just as I reserve the right to criticize gameplay in Final Fantasy. Custer's Revenge should be allowed to put in the rape of native women, but I still think it's a piece of shit racist, sexist game and should be criticized.

I also think that those who want to avoid that type of violence because it has affected them in real life should be able to avoid it. If it's on the box, then people just need to pay attention, but I suspect it's not...

Shadowstar1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

All you people who disagreed without commenting? Okay. You're right.

There's a nation of undead gamers with PTSD who can't tell when murder is involved in a game, and if we helped protect rape victims, we'd have to protect the undead too by putting that there was death on the box. (Or, I guess the alternative reading is that rape victims don't really exist. It's a feminist plot to emasculate men and damage your games, which women shouldn't be playing anyways!) Rape should be forced in the faces of people who've been raped, even if it's going to damage them psychologically because they're not ready to deal with it, because fuck them.

And games should be completely exempt from criticism, even games with long hallways of bad gameplay.

Whatever. #EthicsInGameJournalism

extermin8or1302d ago

You guys all know this is something you are meant to prevent from occurring by intervening right....

DigitalRaptor1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

You don't shy away from it in film or TV, so why should Rockstar shy away from it in games? Cause it's a more influential medium? Gimme a break. This is an event where you're supposed to intervene, and I'm sure most people would.

That studio has always been about representing the culture we live in.

Feminazis will be all over this now that someone made an article about it, but they've never wanted to truthfully or fairly represent this game or games as a medium, or gamers themselves.

Just watch this amazing video which shows the Feminazis and SJWs like Sarkeezian and the mass media that cling onto lies and misrepresentations to further their poisonous agendas:

mzupeman1302d ago

I'm not sure what PEOPLE are thinking that haven't played the game.

Cannibals. This isn't an attempted rape. Period.

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annoyedgamer1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Now watch the SJWs start the wahhbulance up and R* will be forced to patch it out.

NarooN1303d ago

Forced? R* hardly ever even publicly speaks, they're not gonna cave in to random SJW's lol, at best they will laugh in their faces and mock them even harder.

spartanlemur1302d ago

Just about every other company caves to the 1% most obnoxious sjw players who campaign to get their own way.

thehobbyist1303d ago

R* won't budge. They didn't even budge when politicians. People with ACTUAL power tried to pressure them.

You think a mob of shallow hypocrites with dyed hair will incite action from them?

ChristopherJack1303d ago

I disagreed with you purely because of your choice to use the word 'wahhbulance'. I agree with your context though.