A Guide to the Animals of Far Cry 4

Scott Russell writes: "It isn't very often that realistic animals provide a major source of antagonism in gaming; most only offer cartoonish variants on real life creatures. Far Cry 4 instead places them in a position of power, in every one of Kyrat's ecosystems. From the depths of murky rivers, to the highest mountain peaks (how do the tapirs get up there?!), the world is full of dangerous, wonderful and downright ridiculous displays of beasts within their native environment. They are as threatening as they are astounding, and each one provides a plethora of entertainment throughout."

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TheSuperior 975d ago

Gotta love FC4 for those animals. They did a great job on putting cool animals in the game. Rhinos freak me out and don't even get me started on the occasional crock

mrjam0975d ago

Pro tip: Honey Badgers hate shotguns.

smashing4fun975d ago

I've never heard such a apt description of tapirs, the animal truly lends itself to poetry!

Owenza975d ago

I had planned to give Far Cry 4 a miss, but I don't think I can pass up the chance to ride an elephant into battle.

theradadmiral94975d ago

Hmmm. Well that's pretty interesting read!