Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Play as Villainous Characters, New Story Mode Info

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, evil is messing with the Dragon Ball timeline as we know it. Heroes such as Gohan, and villains such as Frieza are becoming what are known as the “Villainous”.

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tayz976d ago

The story sounds so epic!

CorndogBurglar976d ago

As opposed to what other game that doesn't release future DLC of some type?

Newmanator975d ago

But most other games don't tease images of the DLC before the game is even out...

Dhampir975d ago

I think that english trailer removed any 'hype' I had for this. That voice over..."The hero is Goku, NO THE HERO IS YOU!!!"

*Waits for reviews*

aLucidMind975d ago

English trailers suck in general. Remember the one for the god-awful DBZ Kinect game? "You can be a Super Sai-yin"... How could you mispronounce Saiyan!?

Magnus975d ago

I hope Pecan, Bills, and Dark Shenron make it into this game.