AMD: Nearly 30 Million PS4's and Xbox One's Shipped

AMD released their fourth quarter report and annual results and made a big gaming announcement. They stated that Microsoft and Sony has shipped a combined nearly 30 million PlayStation 4's and Xbox One's at the end of 2014.

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GribbleGrunger1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Over three weeks ago Sony announced 'over' 18.5m PS4s sold to consumers, so it's safe to say it is now approaching 19.5m sold. That leaves about 10m unaccounted for because they say 'nearly' shipped 30 million not sold. This means that VGC is probably a good 500k - 700k overtrackeed for the XB1.

PS4: 19.5m
XB1: 10.3m - 10.5m

It appears as though Gaf was right and the leak was legitimate.

Foehammer1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Looks like console sales are alive and well

18.5m into 123 Countries

and the remainder into 42 Countries

Well done

Edit, Ouch, Kribwalker just pwnd jjonesz18

OculusRift1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

This is b8.. Pls don't reply and give him the satisfaction of trolling you. Lol

So that's 19m ps4s and 11m xbones?

jjonez181274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Let me rephrase that for you:

"Looks like console sales are alive and well

18.5m into 123 Countries with a total population of ~1.3 billion

and the remainder into 42 Countries with a population of ~2.3 billion

Well done"

Ignorance is bliss, as they say...

BG115791274d ago

Well said jjonez18. People tend to forget how big China is.

Not to say, these numbers don't take account of WiiU, 3DS, PSvita and other less renown consoles.

Kribwalker1274d ago

People might forget how big China is, but they also forget that China is an extremely poor country for citizens as the average salary is under $5000

A majority of the people in China would never even be able to afford an Xbox or playstation. Why do you think Sony is only planning to sell 200k a year worth of PS4 and Xbox has an approval to sell 5million I'm pretty sure during the life span of the console. There's lots of people in China but it's not some secret cash cow, we won't see nearly as many sales as people like to think.

OrangePowerz1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

The good old "it's in more countries" line. I will put it into easy to understand words.

If MS would think they would sell a decent amount in those countries they would have released the console there. The sales from there are negligible.

Rimeskeem1274d ago

Can you please give it to us in population amounts instead

Eonjay1274d ago

So you are saying that Xbox One is addressing more potential customers but is selling less than its rivals.

Got it.

dcbronco1274d ago

Kribwalker has forgotten how big China's middleclass is. They have more in their middleclass than the U.S. has people. Their middleclass and upper-class are also growing. Same for India as far as growth. Those families are capable of buying consoles. There is plenty of room for growth in those two nations alone. Console gaming will be fine.

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BitbyDeath1274d ago

If Ps4 has 19 million sold then they would have at least 20 million shipped.

lelo2play1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

"...nearly 30 million PlayStation 4's and Xbox One's at the end of 2014"

End of 2014 was 3-4 weeks ago, so:
18.5m PS4s shipped, number presented by Sony at the beginning of 2015.

... so that leaves 11-11.5m X1's shipped by the end of 2014.

BitbyDeath1274d ago

They were sold numbers not shipped for PS4

Minato-Namikaze1274d ago

Sony's shipped numbers are probably around 19.5 to 20 mil shipped.

jjonez181274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

One major flaw in your logic.
The 18.5m PS4 figure was sold-through not shipped. So, Gribble is in the ballpark.

19.5-20.0m shipped PS4
10.0-10.5m shipped XB1

Edit: Beaten... What a waste of a bubble :,(

gfk3421274d ago

Sony stated at the beginning of the year 18.5 mil sold to customers. This means that the shipped number is higher, maybe 19 mil (or even higher).

Giving AMD statement (that less than 30 mil were shipped,) results that MS shipped around 10.5 mil. This is the more accurate number taking into account that MS did not reach 10 mil consoles sold to customers.

lelo2play1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I'm going to say this one last time to all the ignorant Sony fanboys.
It's impossible for Sony to know how many PS4's are sold in every single store in the world. What Sony presents are shipped numbers to retailers, witch are the same as sold numbers... those shipped numbers are sales to retailers. Those consoles are sold and aren't coming back (unless they are broken or due to warranty).

GribbleGrunger1274d ago


For God's sake, stop listening to Crapgamer. He's the most ignorant youtuber out there. These are sold through to customers whether you want or 'need' to believe them or not.

OrangePowerz1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

The interesting point to take away from this is that MS said in september or so "almost" 10 million shipped. That means since that time they shipped only a small amount and retailers had been sitting in a huge pile of units. That on the other hand means retailers don't buy a huge amount of units from MS.


They won't know them from all retailers that's correct but from any bigger chain they will get the numbers and get numbers from companies like the NPD that track sales. A chain like Gamestop knows exactly how many units they sold in total.

OrangePowerz1274d ago

I might also add that in the worst case scenario MS is sitting on roughly 10 million consoles that they can't get retail to buy. Assuming their production rate is similar to the one of Sony. With a price of 350 bucks per unit that's a considerable amount of unsold stock that they have in their warehouses.

StanLee1274d ago

@ GribbleGrunger

Ignorant or not, and I have no idea who he, he's right. There is no quantifiable way of tracking the number of consoles sold to consumers. The number Sony publishes are sold through numbers to wholesalers, not even retailers. From Mom and Pop's to eBay and electronic storefronts and even large retailers, there is no way, no way, to track the number sold directly to consumers.

GribbleGrunger1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )


For goodness sake.

Shipped = shipped to retailers
Sold = Sold to customers or retailers
Sold though = sold to CUSTOMERS. That's us.

Oner1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I don't know how people can't believe that tracking a "sold through" SKU/UPC is impossible. I mean honestly when you have companies that can track stock/items like Amazon, UPS, FedEx let alone Walmart, BestBuy (and more) that can tell you with a simple online request if something is shipped/tracked or available in stock at your local store THAT IS THE PROOF IT CAN BE QUANTIFIED.

Seriously ~ What do people think? That it's the 1950's and that there is some pocket protector wearing book keeper with a Pencil/Paper in hand and an Abacus on his side who tabulates orders/sales or something?

This is the year TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN! Items can be tracked in REAL look at these solutions that actually use the power of the cloud effectively in the real world ~

Here are just a few of the capabilities available with the click of a few buttons that can be EASILY tracked, verified and then emailed in a simple spreadsheet ~

"Inventory levels & Costs - Know what items are selling well; how often; how long have you carried a certain item; what was the best optimal inventory turn; how to minimize carrying these costs, what items should be marked down or returned to the vendor based on performance, and many more retail metrics.

Real time reports for financial reporting - Reconcile End Of Day z-out reports, purchase orders, invoices, … Create a working snapshot of the financial success and/or failures of the retail organization … quickly react to changing market conditions, diagnose retail problems and solve them quickly.

Real time stock availability among stores – Real time item quantities chain wide will lead to better staff confidence with quantities they are looking at from other locations and committing the sale to a customer, stock transfer system represents real-time quantity data that staff could rely on.

<And lastly my favorite>

VIEW SALES IN REAL TIME ACROSS ALL LOCATIONS – our web dashboard will give you a pulse reading for all locations UP TO THE MINUTE. Store sales, department sales, top sellers, tenders AND MANY MORE METRICS ALL IN REAL TIME."

Get with the damned times and with FACTUAL information already. These are multi BILLION dollar industries we are talking about and how big business is run today! So please drop this misinformed, non supported fallacies that are substantiated with absolutely nothing more than your biased POV as a base.

Anything else is just Bull...If not, then prove me wrong. Show me the proof that it CANNOT be tracked (even though I obviously just proved it CAN and IS currently being done in the real world).

Edit: LMFAO ~ You can disagree all you want because that is all you can do, since you have NO PROOF to substantiate your uninformed closed minded nonfactual POV.

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Macdaddy711274d ago

How fun your guessing ps4 done sold over a million more ps4 from last statement n you didn't even add to x1 like ms not sold any in a month, that's a Sony fan boy there lmao lmao

BitbyDeath1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Not sold over but shipped over sold.
Obviously there are PS4's in stores so more were shipped from the 18.5 million number that had been sold.

Xbox was close to shipping 10 million, we don't know if it did ship that amount.

GribbleGrunger1274d ago

I didn't need to add numbers to the XB1, I needed to reduce the numbers for the XB1. Didn't you read what I've written?

gfk3421274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Can you tell us the numbers we should take into account?

MS haven't released an exact number of the units sold to customers nor the shipped ones (sometime ago it was a rather vague statement that are closing to 10 mil shipped).

Under the circumstances, GriblleGrunger's are fair and in my opinion correct.

freshslicepizza1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

looks like the ps4 is doing very very well and the xb1 doing fairly well and the wii u not so well.

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freshslicepizza1274d ago

Gribble is a lot like this on neogaf as well, always a half empty kind of guy when it comes to xb1 and nothing but pure optimism for the ps4. i find it really sad just how entrenched people are over a $400 piece of electronics.

needless to say the ps4 is selling amazingly, the xb1 quite well and the wii u (which ironically ps4 purists seem to ignore and always seem to focus all of their attention on what the xb1 is doing) has fallen flat for quite some time. it will be lucky to break 20 million during its lifetime.

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Errefus1274d ago

not counting Wii U's.....

Ikki_Phoenix1274d ago

20mil ps4
10mil xbox one...mouhahahahha

NobleRed1274d ago

Weakboxfanboys am cry /lol

hello121274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Well if you believe the Sony figures it only can be 10 million shipped for Microsoft? I don't buy that at all.We know for a fact Microsoft sold 1.2 million units in November sold through in the United States what did they sell worldwide November? December it was 2 million+ worldwide. The figure of 10 million shipped doesn't make any sense if Microsoft announced that in November.

Microsoft would have to be somewhere near 12 to 13 million shipped or higher, the NPD numbers show its higher then 10 million shipped.

Ballsack1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Lol you are the most butt hurt fanboy over the sony figures...Loool im crying from laughter

You still saying if people believe sony numbers loool its really messed you if they lie they will get sued therefore these big corporations have to be honest with numbers which is why microsoft present SHIPPED numbers as their sold numbers pale in comparison to the competition.

Yep ms presented sold numbers throughout the holiday... But noone knew their sold through numbers beforehand.. so if sony were at 18.5 million sold the likely hood with microsoft stating they were nearly at 10million shipped NOT SOLD probably means right now its 20 million to the 10 million of ms..

Where the hell you pulling 12-13million for ms lool when sony were at 18.5 couple weeks ago loool this really hurts you... You should be embarrassed

rainslacker1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

So Sony is selling a negative number of consoles? This number is from the end of the year last year. Sony said 18.5 million units, leaving MS with around 11.5 million depending on how "nearly" AMD is to 30 million and how many units are in the retail chain...probably similar numbers of each in retail if not more for Sony since they're selling more.

Simple math.

Unless you're implying that both Sony and AMD are lying. Seems like quite the conspiracy given that AMD has no reason to take sides in this fight.

emilijo7771272d ago

“PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in the U.S. and globally in 2014,” a Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson told GamesBeat.

PS4 was the UK's best-selling console in 2014

behind PS4 in US, UK and WW